Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence
Assigned Bills

HB 0141 - (Mayer) Modifies enforcement of administrative subpoenas
HB 0198 - (Stevenson) Allows persons to be confined without a warrant for 30 hours
HB 0253 - (Shoemaker) Eliminates requirement for petitioner to disclose Social Security number in connection with a protective order
HB 0273 - (Byrd) Enacts various tort reform measures
HB 0394 - (Byrd) Defines next-of-kin for purposes of disposition of human remains
HB 0427 - (Byrd) Creates the basic civil legal services fund
HB 0430 - (Stevenson) Allows a position on the executive council of the Judicial Conference to be filled
HB 0470 - (Mayer) Modifies various crimes and criminal procedures
HB 0599 - (Burnett) Authorizes additional municipal court cost for Kansas City
HB 0613 - (Byrd) Modifies provisions of court procedure
HB 0697 - (Mayer) Revises various provisions of the sex offender registration statutes.
SB 0005 Caskey - Makes numerous changes to sentencing laws
SB 0006 Caskey - Allows nonprobate transfers
SB 0013 Kinder - Prohibits certain suits by political subdivisions and the state against firearm manufacturers and dealers
SB 0021 Bland - Modifies various aspects of the criminal justice system
SB 0022 Bland - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions
SB 0034 Loudon - Imposes civil liability on any person violating Missouri's informed consent law for abortions
SB 0039 Cauthorn - Revises numerous provisions relating to emergency services
SB 0049 Coleman - Expands first degree property damage to include damage to a motor vehicle while breaking in to steal
SB 0059 Russell - Allows nonattorney representation before the Admin. Hearing Commission & the Division of Labor & Industrial Relations
SB 0061 Caskey - Limits the private use of an individual's Social Security Number in certain situations
SB 0063 Caskey - Provides that rulings on termination of parental rights shall be final for purposes of appeal
SB 0091 Coleman - Requires law enforcement officers to provide specified notice before administering portable chemical test
SB 0105 Bland - Lowers age for jury duty from 21 to 18; excuses certain students
SB 0111 Loudon - Expands authority of courts to set aside past convictions and expunge criminal records
SB 0113 Loudon - Makes it illegal to install fake air bags in automobiles
SB 0145 Bland - Requires racial profiling information for every stop of a motor vehicle or a pedestrian
SB 0152 Bland - Prohibits sale of firearms without a trigger locking device
SB 0160 Bland - Makes arson motivated by hate crimes a class A felony
SB 0169 Quick - Eliminates the death penalty
SB 0174 Childers - Limits paddlesport outfitters liability
SB 0184 Bartle - Allows the sexual offender registry to be posted on the Internet
SB 0191 Bartle - Prohibits individuals from engaging in or using public funds and facilities for human cloning
SB 0198 Caskey - Modifies DNA profiling system
SB 0203 Bartle - Modifies enforcement of administrative subpoenas
SB 0206 Champion - Creates crime of failing to obey the lawful order of a law enforcement officer at the scene of an accident or emergency
SB 0213 Bartle - Allows appeals from orders granting or denying class action certification
SB 0214 Bartle - Modifies witness fees
SB 0231 Caskey - Requires that custodial interrogations of persons suspected of committing felonies must be recorded
SB 0242 Yeckel - Limits the amount of a supersedeas bond in tobacco products litigation
SB 0256 Goode - Limits judicial discretion where jury is unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty
SB 0263 Jacob - Revises provisions for sealing and closing of court records
SB 0268 Loudon - Authorizes special motion to dismiss in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
SB 0277 Jacob - Excuses ophthalmologists from jury duty
SB 0280 Scott - Enacts various tort reform measures
SB 0284 Loudon - Includes certain pro bono attorneys in legal expense fund
SB 0288 Dolan - Changes the time for the owner of lost property to prove property from one year to 180 days after publication
SB 0302 Bray - Creates the crime of criminally negligent storage of a firearm
SB 0310 Caskey - Revises the partnership, limited partnership, and limited liability company laws
SB 0312 Dolan - Revises various crimes and criminal procedures
SB 0319 Stoll - Expands the crime of peace disturbance to include a continuous barking of an owner's dog
SB 0323 Days - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 0330 Caskey - Allows child support orders to be sent to employers by regular or certified mail
SB 0345 Jacob - Increases number of circuit judges in the 13th Judicial Circuit
SB 0348 Coleman - Extends powers to civilian review boards that investigate allegations of misconduct by local law enforcement officers
SB 0352 Griesheimer - Creates the crime of assault while on the property of a hospital emergency room or trauma center
SB 0394 Bartle - Modifies law governing corporate formalities
SB 0395 Bartle - Revises civil procedure for challenging a board of director decision and shareholder appraisal
SB 0399 Caskey - Expands the crime of delivering any controlled substances to prisons, city & county jails, and private prisons & jails
SB 0401 Dolan - Modifies the definition of crime under Chapter 595, RSMo, and crime victims' compensation fund
SB 0404 Nodler - Makes manufacturing a controlled substance within 2,000 ft. of a school a class A felony
SB 0409 Steelman - Creates the crime of release of anhydrous ammonia
SB 0418 Cauthorn - Creates the crime of endangerment of corrections personnel
SB 0433 Yeckel - Requires sale of certain methamphetamine drugs from behind the counter
SB 0442 Gross - Requires ephedrine and ephedrine-based products to be behind the counter
SB 0446 Bartle - Modifies provisions of court procedure
SB 0447 Bartle - Creates the basic civil legal services fund
SB 0448 Bartle - Extends sunset for statewide court automation fund
SB 0451 Loudon - Requires appointment of St. Louis city circuit clerk
SB 0457 Caskey - Allows a position on the executive council of the judicial conference to be filled
SB 0464 Gibbons - Allows public entities to seek reimbursement from a third party tortfeasor for health benefits paid to employees
SB 0465 Bartle - Modifies duties of judicial finance commission
SB 0466 Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to charges in criminal cases
SB 0467 Bartle - Increases criminal case filing surcharge
SB 0468 Bartle - Modifies types of case dispositions that must be reported to the Uniform Law Enforcement System Records
SB 0469 Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to court personnel
SB 0470 Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to liens on real estate
SB 0471 Bartle - Modifies filing requirements for child support garnishment orders
SB 0474 Bartle - Modifies surcharge procedure in civil case filings
SB 0487 Dolan - Modifies certain court fees associated with court reporters
SB 0488 Dolan - Eliminates an appeal of a determination of whether a person is a sexually violent predator
SB 0489 Dolan - Increases the surcharge from $2 to $3 in each criminal case
SB 0498 Yeckel - Modifies provisions relating to jury service
SB 0526 Gross - Prohibits contingent attorney's fees in property tax appeals
SB 0528 Gross - Sets requirements for obtaining a warrant by telephone
SB 0537 Jacob - Authorizes Boone County Counselor to prosecute certain actions resulting in civil fines
SB 0538 Dolan - Creates identity crimes
SB 0543 Dougherty - Revises various criminal background checks
SB 0550 Scott - Adds rental contracts to stealing
SB 0558 Klindt - Revises procedure in information given when transferring offenders
SB 0563 Shields - Revises ages of victims for various sexual offenses
SB 0584 Dolan - Creates several crimes relating to motor vehicles
SB 0591 Shields - Provides that certain circuit clerks shall be appointed
SB 0605 Vogel - Modifies provisions relating to disqualification from jury service
SB 0616 Nodler - Reenacts provisions regarding venue for suits against non-profit corporations
SB 0643 Yeckel - Replaces family court commissioners with associate circuit judges
SB 0662 Wheeler - Creates the crime of tampering with prescription drugs
SB 0664 Childers - Modifies the law regarding medical malpractice actions against health care providers
SB 0667 Bland - Requires sentencing commission to study sentencing
SB 0669 Dougherty - Changes statute of limitation on childhood sexual abuse cases
SB 0679 Loudon - Modifies allowable interest on certain judgments
SB 0682 Loudon - Requires the juvenile court to notify school districts of any violations of compulsory school attendance
SJR 001 Bland - Ratifies the United States Equal Rights Amendment

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