Assigned Bills

HB 0189 - (Parker) Modifies appropriation procedure for community college districts
HB 0281 - (Moore) Allows state board of education to offer two professional levels of teacher certification
HB 0288 - (Jetton) Establishes the Priority Schools Trust Fund and produces additional alterations to the state's education policy
HB 0346 - (Dempsey) Modifies the provisions of the public school and nonteacher retirement systems and Kansas City teacher retirement
HB 0554 - (Engler) Creates inclement weather exceptions for mandatory school attendance requirements
HB 0655 - (Wilson) Revises certain special education services
SB 0031 Foster - Alters provisions concerning suspension and offences for which a pupil may be prohibited from public school
SB 0035 Loudon - Authorizes Joint Committee on Wagering and Gaming to solicit bids for university study of pathological gambling in MO
SB 0041 Cauthorn - Creates signing bonuses for teachers in rural schools
SB 0056 Nodler - Allows cooperative agreements between higher education institutions for the purpose of offering graduate programs
SB 0067 Childers - Requires state-sponsored professional development events for teachers to occur on scheduled days
SB 0072 Bland - Requires charter schools to meet all accreditation standards and requirements
SB 0106 Bland - Establishes planning commission for Kansas City Missouri School District
SB 0150 Bland - Allows school districts to create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0180 Bland - Allows teachers and administrators in KC to come out of retirement & not relinquish retirement benefits for 4 years
SB 0187 Yeckel - Revises the charter school laws
SB 0204 Yeckel - Authorizes school districts to designate an educational service agency
SB 0205 Gross - Adds CPI adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid
SB 0215 Foster - Alters conditions by which a school district may transfer moneys from the incidental fund to the capital projects fund
SB 0245 Shields - Requires that any increase in the Gaming Proceeds for Education Fund be transferred to the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 0251 Childers - Exempts retailers from sales tax for inventory donated to private or public education entities
SB 0260 Stoll - Modifies appropriation procedures for community college districts
SB 0264 Shields - Certain school districts shall not be obligated to comply with certain salary compliance provisions
SB 0265 Shields - Alters provisions regarding the certification of public school teachers
SB 0267 Shields - Alters the criteria DESE employs for designating a school, or school district, as "priority"
SB 0286 Dougherty - Allows metropolitan school districts the power to raise the compulsory attendance age to 17
SB 0296 Griesheimer - Requires the state board of education to offer two levels of professional teacher certification
SB 0318 Stoll - Revises the MAP assessment subject matter "test domains" by limiting the scope of said domains
SB 0325 Steelman - Alters provisions regarding veterans & mandates that public schools devote one class period observing Veterans Day
SB 0337 Cauthorn - Allows participation in FFA, FHA, FCCLA, 4-H, and State Fair competition to count as attendance for purpose of state aid
SB 0344 Scott - Requires emergency sirens in public schools to be uniform and possess the same ringing sound in each school
SB 0353 Stoll - Establishes the "Collaborative for Applied Experiences in Science" (CAES) program
SB 0354 Stoll - Requires the state board of education to study and evaluate the adequacy and equity of state school aid
SB 0359 Childers - Renders several modifications to the state's education, education funding, and taxation policies
SB 0371 Foster - Allows MOHELA to provide loans for nonsectarian tuition and other costs for certain students
SB 0422 Childers - Revises membership qualifications for school boards
SB 0428 Shields - Alters definitions concerning Charles Gallagher Financial Awards and the Nursing Student Loan Program
SB 0445 Shields - Directs unobligated cash balance in the school building revolving fund as of Aug. 28, 2003 to the foundation formula
SB 0461 Bray - Alters provisions regarding teacher termination hearings
SB 0472 Loudon - Makes adjustments to the school foundation formula
SB 0476 Jacob - Eliminates the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of the State of Missouri
SB 0503 Jacob - Allows certain teachers who job-share to receive creditable service for retirement and pro-rata leave and holidays
SB 0507 Bray - Seeks to repeal the Academically Deficient Schools Program
SB 0519 Foster - Applies standards to be utilized in determining the necessity of proposed school district boundary changes
SB 0520 Klindt - Provides that A+ reimbursements shall not be issued to any four-year institutions of higher education
SB 0525 Dolan - Adds a voting student member to the board of regents, governors, and curators of higher education institutions
SB 0553 Bartle - Alters the foundation formula by completely removing the line 1(b) calculation
SB 0572 Dougherty - Allows foster children to receive a tuition and fee waiver to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 0574 Days - DESE shall award salary supplement grants to priority school employing high quality teachers, subject to appropriations
SB 0582 Kennedy - Creates a gang resistance education and training program to be used in schools
SB 0585 Dolan - Modifies calculation of summer school eligible pupil counts and demonstration of quantifiable pupil assessment gains
SB 0586 Stoll - Encourages effective involvement of parents in support of the education of their children by State Board of Education
SB 0629 Coleman - Create the "More for Four" pilot program, providing grants to a maximum of 25 pre-kindergarten pilot programs
SB 0632 Days - Renders alterations to policies concerning early childhood special education placement
SB 0637 Caskey - Alters policies regarding the lapse of school districts
SB 0641 Foster - Alters provisions regarding special education policy
SB 0642 Foster - Amends exception to the mandatory days of school attendance to apply to inclement weather during the 2002-03 school year
SB 0644 Kennedy - Alters provisions regarding early childhood special education services
SB 0647 Bray - Allows the state board of education to promulgate rules regarding model school district healthy dietary guidelines
SB 0650 Jacob - Establishes faculty representatives on the governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0666 Bland - School districts with multiple attendance centers shall develop policies regarding intra-district transfers
SB 0676 Kennedy - Creates an exception to the mandatory days of school attendance for the 2002-2003 school year
SB 0686 Russell - Articulates conditions upon which school districts may transfer unrestricted funds
SB 0699 Russell - Replaces the term "eligible pupils" with the term "average daily attendance" in line 1 of the foundation formula
SJR 004 Cauthorn - Allows private school students to ride public school buses
SJR 018 Coleman - Enables the legislature to issue bonds for education purposes

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