SB 0544 Creates the Missouri Sunset Act
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LR Number:1560S.04P Fiscal Note:1560-04
Committee:Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight
Last Action:04/07/03 - Referred H Budget Committee Journal page:H944
Title:SCS SB 544
Effective Date:August 28, 2003
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 544 - This act creates the Missouri Sunset Act. Each new program enacted into law will sunset after a period of not more than six years. A program may be re-authorized for a period of up to twelve years.

Two years before a program is scheduled to sunset, the agency responsible for administering the program is required to submit certain information regarding the public need for the program to continue in existence to the Committee on Legislative Research. The Committee shall then hold public hearings and issue a report to the general assembly with recommendations on whether the program should continue, be reorganized, sunset or consolidated within state agencies not under review. Any recommendations that do not require statutory change shall be presented to the state auditor and used by the auditor in its next scheduled audit of the program to see how the agency has implemented the recommendations.

Programs that have been inactive for the two-year period prior to the scheduled sunset may be exempted from reporting, hearing and evaluation requirements. During each legislative session, Committee staff shall monitor legislation affecting programs that have undergone review and periodically report to the Committee any proposed legislative changes that would modify prior recommendations. Nothing in this act precludes the general assembly from terminating a program at an earlier date.

A program that is sunset shall continue in existence until June thirtieth of the following year. Any moneys remaining after sunset shall be transferred to general revenue. Property and records shall either go to the office of administration or a designated state agency. Bond indebtedness and other written obligations shall remain in effect until the terms are completed and paid in full.

The Committee may inspect the records of any state agency and shall have the full cooperation of state agencies and officials. Any state employee displaced by the sunset of a program shall be assisted by the state in relocating the displaced employee.