Senator Clemens
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0083 - Allows issuance of permits to carry concealed weapons
SB 0217 - Renames Southwest Missouri State University as "Missouri State University"
SB 0280 - Enacts various tort reform measures
SB 0299 - Requires performance-based budgeting and creates the Sunset Act
SB 0337 - Allows participation in FFA, FHA, FCCLA, 4-H, and State Fair competition to count as attendance for purpose of state aid
SB 0347 - Changes definitions within the chapter and modifies regula- tions as to occupational diseases in workers' compensation
SB 0372 - Regulates the licensing and registration of naturopathic physicians
SB 0388 - Increases the amount borrowers can be guaranteed from the single purpose animal facilities loan guarantee fund
SB 0405 - Expands the immunity from civil liability for property owners that own land that adjoins public trails
SB 0437 - Allows a tax credit for persons who contribute to pregnancy resource centers
SB 0556 - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SB 0566 - Deletes the term "elk" from the definition of livestock and adds the term "cervidae"
SB 0582 - Creates a gang resistance education and training program to be used in schools
SB 0651 - Makes the Norton/Cynthiana grape the official state grape
SB 0692 - Creates the Missouri Rural Economic Stimulus Act
SB 0697 - Designates a George Washington Carver Memorial Highway on a portion of Interstate 44 in Jasper and Newton Counties
SCR 005 - Urges Congress to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution
SCR 015 - Supports the actions of the President and offers unfettered dedication to all members of the United States' armed forces
SCR 017 - Expresses support of Senate to faith-based and community organizations
SCR 021 - Endorses the recommendations of the Missouri Dairy Growth Council
SJR 015 - Abolishes the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation

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