Senator Goode
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0204 - Authorizes school districts to designate an educational service agency
SB 0246 - Modifies provisions for Public Service Commission residency, staffing, and ex parte communications
SB 0248 - Revises provisions of various retirement plans
SB 0268 - Authorizes special motion to dismiss in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
SB 0299 - Requires performance-based budgeting and creates the Sunset Act
SB 0311 - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SB 0400 - Sets speed limits within school zones and requires drivers to use care with respect to pedestrians and bicyclists
SB 0410 - Modifies the amount of supplemental fees for the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program
SB 0450 - Creates the division of community health
SB 0511 - Establishes the Joint Committee on the Life Sciences
SB 0631 - Implements the provisions of the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
SB 0651 - Makes the Norton/Cynthiana grape the official state grape
SB 0675 - Eliminates certain funds and charges interest against certain other funds
SB 0687 - Modifies multistate corporate income calculations to disallow the classification of non-Missouri source income
SB 0688 - Makes various changes to sales and income tax laws to close loopholes
SB 0689 - Eliminates the timely filing withholding discount
SB 0690 - Adds certain tax compliance measures for certain businesses
SB 0691 - Requires sales and use tax compliance from vendors selling to the state
SCR 001 - Rejects salary increase recommendations of the Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SJR 012 - Increases the motor fuel tax by four cents to retire state road bonds authorized by the General Assembly
SR 0919 - Creates an Interim Committee on Police Officer Residency requirements for political subdivisions

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