Senator Yeckel
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0205 - Adds CPI adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid
SB 0219 - Creates the Korean Conflict Medallion Program
SB 0253 - Creates the Missouri Downtown Economic Stimulus Act
SB 0256 - Limits judicial discretion where jury is unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty
SB 0280 - Enacts various tort reform measures
SB 0299 - Requires performance-based budgeting and creates the Sunset Act
SB 0300 - Regulates the licensing and registration of anesthesiologist assistants
SB 0312 - Revises various crimes and criminal procedures
SB 0347 - Changes definitions within the chapter and modifies regula- tions as to occupational diseases in workers' compensation
SB 0391 - Establishes the Missouri State Advisory Council on Pain and Symptom Management
SB 0398 - Creates the Missouri natural resources and environmental commission
SB 0401 - Modifies the definition of crime under Chapter 595, RSMo, and crime victims' compensation fund
SB 0427 - Adopts Missouri Securities Act of 2003
SB 0442 - Requires ephedrine and ephedrine-based products to be behind the counter
SB 0544 - Creates the Missouri Sunset Act
SB 0651 - Makes the Norton/Cynthiana grape the official state grape
SB 0693 - Changes numerous state employee workplace provisions
SCR 001 - Rejects salary increase recommendations of the Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SCR 016 - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on Education
SCR 017 - Expresses support of Senate to faith-based and community organizations
SR 0919 - Creates an Interim Committee on Police Officer Residency requirements for political subdivisions

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