SB 0002 Aspires to administer numerous adjustments to the state's education, education funding, and taxation policies
Sponsor:Childers Co-Sponsor(s)
LR Number:2289S.01I Fiscal Note:2289-01
Committee:Ways and Means
Last Action:06/11/03 - Hearing Conducted S Ways & Means Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:Voter Approval
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Current Bill Summary

SB 2 - This act administers the following alterations to the state's education, education funding, and taxation policies:

SECTION 137.073 - The school district operating levy in every school district will be lowered by $2.10 per $100 assessed valuation, with a floor of $1.00 per $100 assessed valuation. The $1.00 floor is specified in Section 163.021, RSMo and does not apply to rates lowered below $1.00 per $100 assessed valuation by means of a constitutionally-mandated roll-back.

SECTION 143.013 - A 2.7% income tax surcharge is imposed. This additional revenue is earmarked for the foundation formula.

SECTION 143.151 - This section increases the Missouri personal exemption from $2,100 to $10,000.

SECTION 143.161 - This section increases from $1,400 to $5,000 the additional amount of income tax deduction which an unmarried head of household may claim.

SECTION 160.530 - The one percent professional development set-aside is reduced to one-quarter of one percent. The ninety percent of one percent of the formula allocation that the commissioner distributes to address the statewide areas of critical need for learning and development is reduced to one- quarter of one percent. Further, several of the State-wide areas of critical need for learning and development have been removed.

SECTION 160.545 - The A+ schools program has been altered to pay only tuition, not books and fees, and students are required to take the ACT assessment as an added condition to receive an A+ scholarship. Also, a school must offer gifted and dual credit courses as a condition of being labeled "A+".

SECTION 162.081 - The state board of education's ability to lapse a school district is removed.

SECTION 163.021 - In order to receive state aid, a school district must levy a school district operating levy of not less than $1.00 per $100 assessed valuation, however, a district may levy less than $1.00 if required by a constitutionally-mandated roll-back. Also, in order to be eligible for state aid, school districts must lengthen the school day and year to the specifications articulated in the section and adopt the uniform start date of the Friday immediately following the third Monday in August.

SECTION 163.031 - The foundation formula has been replaced with a system that distributes all monies appropriated for the public schools of this state on a per-average daily attendance basis, except for transportation, special and gifted education categoricals.

SECTION 163.161 - The transportation categorical is reduced from %75 to %65.

SECTION 163.172 - The minimum salary structure has been altered so that the minimum teacher's salary shall be $26,000; with at least five years teaching experience the minimum salary shall be $32,000; and with a master's degree and at least fifteen years teaching experience the minimum salary shall be $40,000. Also, this act removes several of the criteria regarding the qualifications for school districts to receive funds from the excellence in education fund for the purpose of fulfilling the minimum salary requirements.

Several formula-related sections in Chapter 163, RSMo, have been deleted.

SECTIONS 168.500-168.520 - The career ladder program is eliminated.

SECTION 171.031 - School districts must adopt the uniform start date of the Friday immediately following the third Monday in August. Also, this section increases the school year term from 1,044 hours to 1,200 hours and the maximum number of hours a school day may be from seven hours to eight hours.

SECTION 174.020 - This section seeks to rename Missouri Western State College as Missouri Western State University and Southwest Missouri State University as Missouri State University. Also, this section seeks alter the name of Missouri Southern State College to Missouri Southern State University-Joplin, pursuant to the truly-agreed-to SB 55. The section also directs any institution of higher education which alters its name to produce a report to the general assembly during the three years following the name change which details the effects of the name change on the revenue received by such institution.

SECTION 313.820 - This section increases the gaming boat boarding free from two to three dollars and directs the proceeds from the extra dollar to the "gaming proceeds for higher education fund," which is created in the act. Any moneys deposited in the fund shall be used to support the public institutions of higher education in this state and shall be distributed on a monthly basis to the schools in a manner consistent with the provisions of HB 3.

This act contains a referendum clause.