Missouri State Senate
Senate Bills - 2003 Session

SB 0001 - Mathewson - Repeals loss limits and raises the AGR tax on certain gaming boats
SB 0002 - Childers - Aspires to administer numerous adjustments to the state's education, education funding, and taxation policies
SB 0003 - Childers - Raises the sales tax by 1/2% and then phases it out over three years
SB 0004 - Goode - Submits certain surcharges to a vote of the people
SB 0005 - Goode - Repeals loss limits and modifies the admission fee on gaming boats
SB 0006 - Goode - Makes various modifications to the law on taxation
SB 0007 - Russell - Places an aggregate cap on all tax credits and establishes a commission to allocate the credits
SCR 001 - Mathewson - Encourages the General Assembly to reject receipt of per diems during the 1st Extraordinary Session