Missouri State Senate
Senate Bills - 2003 Session

SB 0001 - Russell - Requires boating safety identification card to operate watercraft for certain individuals
SB 0002 - Russell - Refines various provisions of employment security law
SB 0003 - Russell - Authorizes certain fire protection districts to provide stretcher van and wheelchair transportation services
SB 0004 - Caskey - Creates the Antiterrorism Fund and Fight Terrorism license plate
SB 0005 - Caskey - Makes numerous changes to sentencing laws
SB 0006 - Caskey - Allows nonprobate transfers
SB 0007 - Mathewson - Authorizes conveyance of state property in Pettis County
SB 0008 - Goode - Creates a senior property tax deferral program
SB 0009 - Goode - Amends various provisions regarding the use of child restraint systems in motor vehicles
SB 0010 - Goode - Creates a no-spam list in Attorney General's office for unsolicited commercial email
SB 0011 - Kinder - Makes various modifications to taxation
SB 0012 - Kinder - Enacts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
SB 0013 - Kinder - Prohibits certain suits by political subdivisions and the state against firearm manufacturers and dealers
SB 0014 - DePasco - Revises maximum allowable salary for certain Kansas City police officers
SB 0015 - Childers - Creates a Legislative Academy within the General Assembly
SB 0016 - Childers - Allows first class counties to retain a larger percentage of a portion of the assessed valuation
SB 0017 - Childers - Allows a percentage of insurance premium taxes to fund various fire protection programs
SB 0018 - Yeckel - Creates the Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program
SB 0019 - Yeckel - Allows a tax deduction for those who contribute to medical savings accounts
SB 0020 - Yeckel - Creates a tax exemption for property leased or transferred by certain interstate compact agencies
SB 0021 - Bland - Modifies various aspects of the criminal justice system
SB 0022 - Bland - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions
SB 0023 - Bland - Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program" to provide health care benefits to all MO citizens
SB 0024 - Steelman - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SB 0025 - Steelman - Transfers hearings on environmental issues to the Administrative Hearing Commission
SB 0026 - Steelman - Creates a tax credit for 10% of contributions to health reimbursement arrangements
SB 0027 - Gibbons - Creates a single-rate tax on individual income with increased personal exemptions
SB 0028 - Gross - Specifies calculation of revenue estimates for governor's recommended budget each fiscal year
SB 0029 - Gross - Prohibits courts from altering, setting aside, or ignoring withdrawal deadlines in elections
SB 0030 - Gross - Creates the Amber Alert System
SB 0031 - Foster - Alters provisions concerning suspension and offences for which a pupil may be prohibited from public school
SB 0032 - Foster - Limits those who may complain of prevailing wage violations and allows withholding of payments in some situations
SB 0033 - Loudon - Establishes the Open Contracting Act
SB 0034 - Loudon - Imposes civil liability on any person violating Missouri's informed consent law for abortions
SB 0035 - Loudon - Authorizes Joint Committee on Wagering and Gaming to solicit bids for university study of pathological gambling in MO
SB 0036 - Klindt - Requires risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis be prepared when certain environmental rules are promulgated
SB 0037 - Klindt - Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
SB 0038 - Klindt - Creates the "Missouri Biomass Technology Commission"
SB 0039 - Cauthorn - Revises numerous provisions relating to emergency services
SB 0040 - Cauthorn - Requires performance-based budgeting for state departments
SB 0041 - Cauthorn - Creates signing bonuses for teachers in rural schools
SB 0042 - Dougherty - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SB 0043 - Dougherty - Establishes the "Office of the Child Advocate for Children's Protection & Services"
SB 0044 - Dougherty - Allows employees to take six weeks of paid leave for family or medical reasons
SB 0045 - Kennedy - Requires certain facilities to provide immunizations for influenza and pneumonia to elderly residents
SB 0046 - Kennedy - Provides a tax credit for modifying a home for a disabled person
SB 0047 - Kennedy - Allows St. Louis City to have a lien on property for abatement of dangerous buildings
SB 0048 - Coleman - Requires security guards and security guard firms to be licensed by the Department of Insurance
SB 0049 - Coleman - Expands first degree property damage to include damage to a motor vehicle while breaking in to steal
SB 0050 - Coleman - Modifies time for election authority to complete verification of initiative or referendum petition signatures
SB 0051 - Shields - Renames Missouri Western State College as Missouri Western State University
SB 0052 - Shields - Modifies the nonresident athletes and entertainers tax
SB 0053 - Shields - Renames MO Western State College as MO Western State Univ. & MO Southern State College as MO Southern State Univ.-Joplin
SB 0054 - Griesheimer - Allows biennial vehicle emissions testing in certain attainment areas
SB 0055 - Nodler - Renames Missouri Southern State College as Missouri Southern State University-Joplin
SB 0056 - Nodler - Allows cooperative agreements between higher education institutions for the purpose of offering graduate programs
SB 0057 - Nodler - Modifies the filing procedure for campaign finance reports when done electronically
SB 0058 - Russell - Revises documentation required for telecommunications companies to charge for Internet service
SB 0059 - Russell - Allows nonattorney representation before the Admin. Hearing Commission & the Division of Labor & Industrial Relations
SB 0060 - Russell - Exempts certain employees from union membership, prohibits payroll deductions for, and the requirement of, service fees
SB 0061 - Caskey - Limits the private use of an individual's Social Security Number in certain situations
SB 0062 - Caskey - Allows Cass County to elect a county surveyor
SB 0063 - Caskey - Provides that rulings on termination of parental rights shall be final for purposes of appeal
SB 0064 - Goode - Authorizes counties to submit a tax to the voters to support enhanced 911 services
SB 0065 - Goode - Modifies provisions of the unmarked human burial act
SB 0066 - Goode - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 0067 - Childers - Requires state-sponsored professional development events for teachers to occur on scheduled days
SB 0068 - Childers - Modifies provision regarding refunds of ambulance and fire protection district sales tax
SB 0069 - Yeckel - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between agencies and small businesses
SB 0070 - Yeckel - Requires informed consent by a woman before the performance of an abortion
SB 0071 - Yeckel - Extends a homestead assessment freeze to all property, except when it changes hands
SB 0072 - Bland - Requires charter schools to meet all accreditation standards and requirements
SB 0073 - Bland - Establishes the Missouri Commission of Prevention and Management of Obesity
SB 0074 - Bland - Requires insurers to offer optional coverage for weight reduction counseling services
SB 0075 - Steelman - Allows the state registrar to issue a certification of stillbirth
SB 0076 - Gross - Exempts the homestead of those aged 65 and older from increases in property tax assessments
SB 0077 - Gross - Allows refunds of sales tax remitted from coffin sales in limited circumstances
SB 0078 - Gross - Allows the Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol employees to purchase certain service for retirement credits
SB 0079 - Loudon - Limits reassessment of property values to the rate of inflation
SB 0080 - Loudon - Prohibits reassessment of previously assessed real property and improvements until a transfer of ownership occurs
SB 0081 - Loudon - Modifies the definition of "totally unemployed" to include certain suspended workers
SB 0082 - Klindt - Exempts religious, charitable, and nonprofit organizations from food inspection laws in certain circumstances
SB 0083 - Cauthorn - Allows issuance of permits to carry concealed weapons
SB 0084 - Cauthorn - Allows specific tax credits be taken on a quarterly basis
SB 0085 - Dougherty - Requires certain facilities for children to show proof of accreditation and compliance with safety standards
SB 0086 - Dougherty - Mandates insurance coverage for new phases of clinical trials and certain prostate examinations
SB 0087 - Dougherty - Eliminates time restrictions for special needs children under Missouri's Health Insurance Program for children
SB 0088 - Kennedy - Creates licensure requirements for private investigators
SB 0089 - Kennedy - Requires that amateur radio license plates contain the words "AMATEUR RADIO" in place of the words "SHOW-ME-STATE"
SB 0090 - Kennedy - Allows ten cities to adopt ordinances to install automatic traffic control enforcement systems
SB 0091 - Coleman - Requires law enforcement officers to provide specified notice before administering portable chemical test
SB 0092 - Coleman - Regulates the prevention and screening of lead poisoning
SB 0093 - Shields - Allows an exemption from sales tax on items purchased and given to the state
SB 0094 - Shields - Creates a tax credit for teachers' related out-of-pocket expenses
SB 0095 - Shields - Establishes a small business health insurance tax credit program to offset employee health insurance premium costs
SB 0096 - Russell - Allows recognition of bargaining unit upon approval of majority of employees in unit
SB 0097 - Russell - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0098 - Russell - Gives some employees a judicial remedy against labor organizations and allows revocation of their certification
SB 0099 - Caskey - Requires a portion of property tax collections shall be used for the geographic information system (GIS)
SB 0100 - Caskey - Changes the eligibility age for retirement under MOSERS and HTEHPRS systems
SB 0101 - Caskey - Allows Cass County to establish a municipal court system to prosecute ordinance violations
SB 0102 - Goode - Creates the Invasive Species Council
SB 0103 - Goode - Extends the fee on waste tires to 2014
SB 0104 - Goode - Increases the Housing Trust Fund fee from $3 to $5 and applies the fee to all recordable instruments
SB 0105 - Bland - Lowers age for jury duty from 21 to 18; excuses certain students
SB 0106 - Bland - Establishes planning commission for Kansas City Missouri School District
SB 0107 - Bland - Creates a statewide AMBER Alert program
SB 0108 - Gross - Adds the Chief Information Officer to the State Records Commission
SB 0109 - Gross - Expands mechanic's lien law to include equipment rentals
SB 0110 - Gross - Details information to be included in physician abortion reports
SB 0111 - Loudon - Expands authority of courts to set aside past convictions and expunge criminal records
SB 0112 - Loudon - Allows parents to refuse to vaccinate their child for religious, philosophical, or medical reasons
SB 0113 - Loudon - Makes it illegal to install fake air bags in automobiles
SB 0114 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes
SB 0115 - Dougherty - Allows the department of health to investigate complaints of air quality in public schools
SB 0116 - Shields - Prohibits Public Service Commission members from having campaign committees
SB 0117 - Shields - Modifies law as it relates to driveaway operations and land improvement contractor's commercial motor vehicles
SB 0118 - Shields - Changes the eligibility age for retirement under MOSERS and HTEHPRS systems
SB 0119 - Russell - Prohibits labor organizations from acting as the exclusive representative in some instances
SB 0120 - Caskey - Allows Cass County to use a small portion of its property tax revenue for collection costs
SB 0121 - Caskey - Includes Cass County in a certain planning and zoning program
SB 0122 - Caskey - Enables the assessor in third class counties to make certain entries to the assessor's book after delivery of the book
SB 0123 - Goode - Prohibits certain predatory lending practices with respect to home loans
SB 0124 - Goode - Specifies that article used in trade-in to offset sales tax must have had tax paid or been exempted from tax
SB 0125 - Goode - Allows electric, gas, and water corporations to bill for certain infrastructure costs
SB 0126 - Bland - Allows PSC to refund ratepayers for unauthorized use charges, penalties & refunds from pipelines after a hearing
SB 0127 - Bland - Allows PSC to consider the ability to pay in setting utility rates and may establish programs for low-income residents
SB 0128 - Bland - Dedicates additional revenue to the energy assistance program
SB 0129 - Gross - Prohibits expenditure of state funds by public officials or employees to support or oppose a ballot measure or candidate
SB 0130 - Gross - Authorizes conveyance of state property along Knaust Road in St. Charles County
SB 0131 - Gross - Revises eligibility of felons to vote
SB 0132 - Loudon - Requires Office of Administration to include certain products in the cafeteria plan for state employees
SB 0133 - Loudon - Prohibits elected and appointed officials from appearing in televised commercials or advertisements paid by state money
SB 0134 - Loudon - Allows surviving spouses/other relatives of a peace officer killed in line of duty to receive special license plates
SB 0135 - Goode - Exempts certain leased personal property from taxation
SB 0136 - Goode - Changes filing and meeting dates for offices in political subdivisions and special districts
SB 0137 - Goode - Authorizes design-build projects in certain instances
SB 0138 - Bland - Lowers the maximum penalties consumers must pay for late payments on certain credit transactions
SB 0139 - Bland - Modifies the grandparents as foster parents program
SB 0140 - Bland - Establishes the General Assembly Scholarship Program funded by a nonresident earnings tax
SB 0141 - Gross - Limits the availability of low income housing tax credits
SB 0142 - Goode - Gives the power of eminent domain to towns and villages
SB 0143 - Goode - Specifies the effective dates for vetoed bills when veto is overridden
SB 0144 - Goode - Revises the sunshine law
SB 0145 - Bland - Requires racial profiling information for every stop of a motor vehicle or a pedestrian
SB 0146 - Bland - Requires parity between insurance coverage for mental health services and other health care services
SB 0147 - Bland - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 0148 - Goode - Reduces speed limit by 5 mph for trucks on certain highways, expressways and interstates of this state
SB 0149 - Bland - Creates a braider classification requiring licensing by the Board of Cosmetology
SB 0150 - Bland - Allows school districts to create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0151 - Bland - Authorizes a two-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 0152 - Bland - Prohibits sale of firearms without a trigger locking device
SB 0153 - Bland - Authorizes an appropriation to the Missouri Housing Development Commission for grants to local groups
SB 0154 - Bland - Prohibits health carriers from changing conditions of its drug formulary during contract period
SB 0155 - Bland - Designates Walt Disney Film Studio as a state historic site
SB 0156 - Bland - Extends the sunset on the waste tire fee to 2011
SB 0157 - Bland - Makes changes to the bail bondsmen licensing provisions
SB 0158 - Bland - Creates the State Board of Public Records
SB 0159 - Bland - Establishes coordinated health program board to prevent student obesity, cardiovascular disease, & type II diabetes
SB 0160 - Bland - Makes arson motivated by hate crimes a class A felony
SB 0161 - Bland - Requires persons guilty of boating while intoxicated to complete the SATOP program
SB 0162 - Bland - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for twenty-four hours of inpatient care following surgery
SB 0163 - Bland - Authorizes the department of revenue to use biometric identification methods for driver license purposes
SB 0164 - Bland - Prohibits open containers of alcohol in motor vehicles
SB 0165 - Bland - Makes changes to the Missouri minority business advocacy commission
SB 0166 - Bland - Establishes a Needle Exchange Program within the Department of Health
SB 0167 - Russell - Modifies jurisdiction for election contests involving the offices of circuit and associate judge
SB 0168 - Quick - Creates a $150,000 death benefit for public safety officers killed in the line of duty
SB 0169 - Quick - Eliminates the death penalty
SB 0170 - Quick - Authorizes the Clay County Commission to pay the salaries of deputy circuit clerks and division clerks
SB 0171 - Loudon - Allows surviving spouses/other relatives of a firefighter killed in the line of duty to receive license plates
SB 0172 - Goode - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 0173 - Quick - Modifies provisions regarding elections in fire protection districts
SB 0174 - Childers - Limits paddlesport outfitters liability
SB 0175 - Loudon - Creates a food recovery program to provide food to needy persons
SB 0176 - Wheeler - Authorizes the bureau of communicable diseases to monitor epidemiological studies for suspected bioterrorist agents
SB 0177 - Wheeler - Requires aliens to provide notarized copies of birth certificates to obtain a driver's license
SB 0178 - Bland - Enables persons with hardships to pay property taxes in installments
SB 0179 - Bland - Prohibits an insurer from refusing to insure an eligible person's interest in certain residential property
SB 0180 - Bland - Allows teachers and administrators in KC to come out of retirement & not relinquish retirement benefits for 4 years
SB 0181 - Cauthorn - Allows certain state employees compensation to be automatic- ally adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index level
SB 0182 - Cauthorn - Requires consent 24-hours prior to an abortion and proof of financial responsibility to perform abortions
SB 0183 - Dougherty - Requires security features on temporary registration tags and makes it a crime to counterfeit or alter such tags
SB 0184 - Bartle - Allows the sexual offender registry to be posted on the Internet
SB 0185 - Wheeler - Creates the Missouri Office of Pharmaceutical Reporting
SB 0186 - Cauthorn - Removes ability of Marion County Circuit Court to appoint Div. I circuit clerk if office is separated from recorder
SB 0187 - Yeckel - Revises the charter school laws
SB 0188 - Cauthorn - Exempts pension and retirement income of seniors from state income tax
SB 0189 - Loudon - Allows Indian tribes to be employers
SB 0190 - Loudon - Deems a positive test for controlled substances or excessive blood alcohol content misconduct connected with work
SB 0191 - Bartle - Prohibits individuals from engaging in or using public funds and facilities for human cloning
SB 0192 - Loudon - Allows prosecution of persons charged with theft or fraudu- lent use of credit devices or credit in different venues
SB 0193 - Loudon - Allows the Highways and Transportation Commission to construct toll roads
SB 0194 - Scott - Allows Indian tribes to be considered employers
SB 0195 - Scott - Enables Platte and Clay counties to levy a one-half percent room tax
SB 0196 - Scott - The state may not automatically purchase goods or services from MO Voc. Ent. if MO businesses provide the services
SB 0197 - DePasco - Suspends all sales tax exemptions for two years with the exception of food, pharmaceuticals, and related items
SB 0198 - Caskey - Modifies DNA profiling system
SB 0199 - Childers - Modifies the classification of counties, and various other provisions related to counties and county government
SB 0200 - Bland - Enacts reciprocal nurse licensure compact
SB 0201 - Steelman - Prohibits health carriers from changing health services codes without the permission of the physician
SB 0202 - Childers - Requires access to water supply for fire protection entities during emergencies
SB 0203 - Bartle - Modifies enforcement of administrative subpoenas
SB 0204 - Yeckel - Authorizes school districts to designate an educational service agency
SB 0205 - Gross - Adds CPI adjustment to "hold harmless" school districts' school aid
SB 0206 - Champion - Creates crime of failing to obey the lawful order of a law enforcement officer at the scene of an accident or emergency
SB 0207 - Mathewson - Modifies the law regarding damage claims by rental companies for rental motor vehicles
SB 0208 - Mathewson - Allows recreational vehicle dealers to hold shows at the Missouri state fairgrounds
SB 0209 - Steelman - Requires the division of medical services to annually recalculate the Medicaid nursing home reimbursement amount
SB 0210 - Steelman - Provides that commissioners of the family court must be elected except where the nonpartisan court plan is used
SB 0211 - Cauthorn - Specifies that sales at prison stores are subject to sales tax
SB 0212 - Bartle - Modifies provisions for highway patrol salary schedules and the Kansas City police retirement system
SB 0213 - Bartle - Allows appeals from orders granting or denying class action certification
SB 0214 - Bartle - Modifies witness fees
SB 0215 - Foster - Alters conditions by which a school district may transfer moneys from the incidental fund to the capital projects fund
SB 0216 - Foster - Allows members of the Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society to obtain special license plates
SB 0217 - Champion - Renames Southwest Missouri State University as "Missouri State University"
SB 0218 - Goode - Authorizes imposition of lateral sewer service repair fee in certain situations
SB 0219 - Steelman - Creates the Korean Conflict Medallion Program
SB 0220 - Bartle - Creates a partial lump-sum option plan for KC police officers retirement system and changes board membership
SB 0221 - Steelman - Prohibits the PSC from imposing any restrictions on high- speed Internet or broadband service
SB 0222 - Steelman - Allows counties to create a County Crime Reduction Fund for narcotics investigation and law enforcement equipment
SB 0223 - Foster - Creates the State Board of Auctioneers to oversee licensing of persons engaged in the practice of auctioneering
SB 0224 - Vogel - Authorizes easement on state property to the city of Fulton
SB 0225 - Klindt - Enumerates the rights of persons with service animals
SB 0226 - Klindt - Exempts motorcyclists age 21 and older from wearing a helmet when operating a motorcycle or motortricycle
SB 0227 - Cauthorn - Amends law regarding how certain counties establish speed limits within their jurisdiction
SB 0228 - Griesheimer - Enables the City of Warrenton and Shannon County to levy a transient guest tax
SB 0229 - Bray - Makes changes to economic development distressed communities and small business investment tax credit programs
SB 0230 - Bray - Modifies law on formulation of transportation development districts
SB 0231 - Caskey - Requires that custodial interrogations of persons suspected of committing felonies must be recorded
SB 0232 - Cauthorn - Authorizes conveyance of state property in Thousand Hills State Park
SB 0233 - Foster - Modifies the provisions of the public school and nonteacher retirement systems
SB 0234 - Quick - Allows Clay County to open or operate a concession stand at privately operated marinas
SB 0235 - Quick - Considers the value of a redevelopment area when calculating local indebtedness limit
SB 0236 - DePasco - Creates a one-dollar check-off on income tax returns to fund the workers memorial
SB 0237 - Russell - Allows fishing contests to be conducted without a permit
SB 0238 - Caskey - Modifies provisions regarding incorporation or annexation of unincorporated areas in Cass County
SB 0239 - Mathewson - Authorizes conveyance of National Guard Armory in Sedalia to the Sedalia School District Foundation
SB 0240 - Mathewson - Allows honorably discharged veterans to obtain "U.S. VET" motor vehicle license plates
SB 0241 - Yeckel - Prohibits residency requirements for peace officers in certain jurisdictions
SB 0242 - Yeckel - Limits the amount of a supersedeas bond in tobacco products litigation
SB 0243 - Yeckel - Creates the State Property Preservation Fund
SB 0244 - Russell - Creates the Exhibition Center and Recreation Facility District Act for certain counties
SB 0245 - Shields - Requires that any increase in the Gaming Proceeds for Education Fund be transferred to the Classroom Trust Fund
SB 0246 - Steelman - Modifies provisions for Public Service Commission residency, staffing, and ex parte communications
SB 0247 - Dolan - Modifies the provisions of the public school and nonteacher retirement systems
SB 0248 - Gross - Revises provisions of various retirement plans
SB 0249 - Shields - Revises laws on economic development
SB 0250 - Stoll - Allows certain counties to enact a one-half percent sales tax for law enforcement purposes
SB 0251 - Childers - Exempts retailers from sales tax for inventory donated to private or public education entities
SB 0252 - Steelman - Authorizes additional bonds for water, sewer, and stormwater projects
SB 0253 - Steelman - Creates the Missouri Downtown Economic Stimulus Act
SB 0254 - Goode - Increases the taxes on cigarette and tobacco products
SB 0255 - Kinder - Eliminates PSC ratemaking oversight for certain not-for- profit electrical cooperatives
SB 0256 - Goode - Limits judicial discretion where jury is unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty
SB 0257 - Steelman - Establishes the MO Patients' Compensation Fund to assist health care providers with excess liability coverage
SB 0258 - Steelman - Modifies transportation development district law as it relates to special assessments
SB 0259 - Steelman - Imposes additional surcharges and drivers' license suspensions on any person failing to yield the right-of-way
SB 0260 - Stoll - Modifies appropriation procedures for community college districts
SB 0261 - Clemens - Allows members of the MO Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association to obtain specialized license plates
SB 0262 - Clemens - Exempts all public and private retirement benefits from income tax
SB 0263 - Jacob - Revises provisions for sealing and closing of court records
SB 0264 - Shields - Certain school districts shall not be obligated to comply with certain salary compliance provisions
SB 0265 - Shields - Alters provisions regarding the certification of public school teachers
SB 0266 - Shields - Requires the department of mental health to develop plans for children and persons on waiting lists
SB 0267 - Shields - Alters the criteria DESE employs for designating a school, or school district, as "priority"
SB 0268 - Loudon - Authorizes special motion to dismiss in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
SB 0269 - Quick - Enables Excelsior Springs to submit a public safety sales tax to its voters
SB 0270 - Foster - Establishes the Highway Patrol Trust Fund and imposes a surcharge on licenses to fund it
SB 0271 - Jacob - Restricts big trucks to 65 mph on interstates and increases diesel fuel tax and other registration fees
SB 0272 - Bland - Revises law concerning redevelopment of distressed communities
SB 0273 - Bland - Extends the KC public mass transportation system sales tax from December 31, 2003 to December 31, 2005
SB 0274 - Caskey - Requires insurers to provide coverage for hearing aids for children
SB 0275 - Russell - Addresses authority of governor to convey certain state property in Cole County
SB 0276 - Jacob - Creates the Educational Job Retraining Fund which shall be funded by the repeal of the gambling loss limit
SB 0277 - Jacob - Excuses ophthalmologists from jury duty
SB 0278 - Steelman - Allows for recovery of certain purchased energy costs by electrical corporations
SB 0279 - Scott - Establishes a licensing system for manufactured housing setup contractors
SB 0280 - Scott - Enacts various tort reform measures
SB 0281 - Shields - Allows first class counties to acquire, erect, operate, manage, etc. buildings and property outside the county seat
SB 0282 - Shields - Revises the maximum time a county commission may issue a lease or concession grant for certain public facilities
SB 0283 - Klindt - Reenacts legislation repealed by a prior unconstitutional bill
SB 0284 - Loudon - Includes certain pro bono attorneys in legal expense fund
SB 0285 - Dougherty - Repeals the $500 gambling boat loss limit
SB 0286 - Dougherty - Allows metropolitan school districts the power to raise the compulsory attendance age to 17
SB 0287 - Childers - Removes work done on behalf of schools from the requirements of the prevailing wage laws in some instances
SB 0288 - Dolan - Changes the time for the owner of lost property to prove property from one year to 180 days after publication
SB 0289 - Dolan - Names the portion of Highway 71 within Jasper County the "Trooper Charles P. Corbin Memorial Highway"
SB 0290 - Gross - Allows for recovery of certain infrastructure and security costs by electrical corporations
SB 0291 - Caskey - Creates a tax credit program for certain railroad ad valorem property tax
SB 0292 - Yeckel - Limits disclosure of credit card account numbers on sales receipts provided to cardholder
SB 0293 - Vogel - Allows the department of revenue to specify the minimum income tax filing level
SB 0294 - Vogel - Requires criminal history check for certain persons related to the gaming and civilian review boards
SB 0295 - Shields - Makes various modifications to laws regarding tax sales of land
SB 0296 - Griesheimer - Requires the state board of education to offer two levels of professional teacher certification
SB 0297 - Griesheimer - Allows access to state-operated sewer lines
SB 0298 - Griesheimer - Revises liquor license requirements, operational restrictions, and enforcement provisions
SB 0299 - Champion - Requires performance-based budgeting and creates the Sunset Act
SB 0300 - Cauthorn - Regulates the licensing and registration of anesthesiologist assistants
SB 0301 - Bray - Increases maximum lateral sewer service repair fee to be imposed from $28 to $50 per year
SB 0302 - Bray - Creates the crime of criminally negligent storage of a firearm
SB 0303 - Gibbons - Allows licensed ground ambulance services in St. Louis to transport patients within a 130-mile radius
SB 0304 - Jacob - Creates a clothing and school supplies sales tax holiday
SB 0305 - Jacob - Makes various tax changes
SB 0306 - Steelman - Requires courts to appoint a guardian ad litem where there are substantiated allegations of child abuse and neglect
SB 0307 - Steelman - Modifies the rebate amount for prescription drugs in the Missouri Senior Prescription Program
SB 0308 - Steelman - Creates the Missouri Calcium Initiative
SB 0309 - Caskey - Excludes certain environmental accounts from the calculation of Hancock refunds
SB 0310 - Caskey - Revises the partnership, limited partnership, and limited liability company laws
SB 0311 - Dougherty - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SB 0312 - Dolan - Revises various crimes and criminal procedures
SB 0313 - Dolan - Expands diseases that are considered occupational disease under Chapter 287, RSMo
SB 0314 - Dolan - Repeals a doubly-enacted section regarding the towing of motor vehicles from private property
SB 0315 - Steelman - Establishes "Big Bluestem" as the official state grass
SB 0316 - Kennedy - Requires health plans to cover all services provided or ordered by registered nurse first assistants
SB 0317 - Stoll - Establishes a December 15, 2003, deadline for a MCHCP study which is presently required by law but possesses no deadline
SB 0318 - Stoll - Revises the MAP assessment subject matter "test domains" by limiting the scope of said domains
SB 0319 - Stoll - Expands the crime of peace disturbance to include a continuous barking of an owner's dog
SB 0320 - Stoll - Creates a phased-in earned income tax credit
SB 0321 - Days - Requires persons discharged from prison or parole, to be informed of the procedures to register to vote
SB 0322 - Days - Allows adopted persons eighteen and older to obtain copies of their original birth certificate
SB 0323 - Days - Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 0324 - Loudon - Allows the state to order medical examination for Second Injury claims and modifies admissibility of medical reports
SB 0325 - Steelman - Alters provisions regarding veterans & mandates that public schools devote one class period observing Veterans Day
SB 0326 - Steelman - Exempts veterans over 65 from state and local taxes
SB 0327 - Gross - Modifies provisions of real estate appraiser licensing
SB 0328 - Coleman - Creates the mobile home landlord and tenant rights act
SB 0329 - Griesheimer - Extends the waste tire collection fee from 2004 to 2014
SB 0330 - Caskey - Allows child support orders to be sent to employers by regular or certified mail
SB 0331 - Childers - Allows any qualified applicant for the "SILVER STAR" license plate to obtain two sets of plates
SB 0332 - Childers - Limits individuals eligible to receive the prevailing wage and modifies how the prevailing wage is set
SB 0333 - Childers - Allows some political subdivisions to exempt themselves from the state prevailing wage law upon voter approval
SB 0334 - Goode - Changes the jurisdiction over underground storage tanks to the Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Commission
SB 0335 - Goode - Increases penalties imposed by the PSC for safety-related violations of the natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
SB 0336 - Bray - Changes economic development programs regarding distressed communities and small business investment tax credits
SB 0337 - Cauthorn - Allows participation in FFA, FHA, FCCLA, 4-H, and State Fair competition to count as attendance for purpose of state aid
SB 0338 - Cauthorn - Restores the moratorium on the expenditure minimum for beds in long-term care facilities
SB 0339 - Jacob - Limits disconnections of water service
SB 0340 - Wheeler - Allows an equalizing COLA adjustment for certain employees of the Kansas City police retirement system
SB 0341 - Wheeler - Revises provisions of the Kansas City Police and Civilians Retirement Systems
SB 0342 - Dolan - Adds various forms of cancer to the diseases currently presumed to be suffered by firemen in the line of duty
SB 0343 - Dolan - Revises disabled license plate law and creates numerous special license plates
SB 0344 - Scott - Requires emergency sirens in public schools to be uniform and possess the same ringing sound in each school
SB 0345 - Jacob - Increases number of circuit judges in the 13th Judicial Circuit
SB 0346 - Yeckel - Revises banking laws
SB 0347 - Loudon - Changes definitions within the chapter and modifies regula- tions as to occupational diseases in workers' compensation
SB 0348 - Coleman - Extends powers to civilian review boards that investigate allegations of misconduct by local law enforcement officers
SB 0349 - Dougherty - Mandates insurance coverage for new phases of clinical trials undertaken for the treatment of cancer
SB 0350 - Dougherty - Mandates insurance coverage for certain prostrate examinations
SB 0351 - Dougherty - Changes the procedure in which parental or guardian consent is noted for the organ donation process of minors
SB 0352 - Griesheimer - Creates the crime of assault while on the property of a hospital emergency room or trauma center
SB 0353 - Stoll - Establishes the "Collaborative for Applied Experiences in Science" (CAES) program
SB 0354 - Stoll - Requires the state board of education to study and evaluate the adequacy and equity of state school aid
SB 0355 - Stoll - Allows persons registering their vehicle to make a $1 donation to the organ donor program
SB 0356 - Stoll - Makes a technical change in the organ donation license law
SB 0357 - Shields - Modifies venue for administrative actions involving real property
SB 0358 - Shields - Requires budgetary approval of Platte County or city within Platte County for expenditures to local election board
SB 0359 - Childers - Renders several modifications to the state's education, education funding, and taxation policies
SB 0360 - Steelman - Exempts any sand or gravel operator that mines less than 5,000 tons of gravel per year from regulation and licensing
SB 0361 - Steelman - Revises various provisions regarding waste
SB 0362 - Steelman - Requires tobacco product manufacturers to file certain certifications
SB 0363 - Jacob - Modifies the distribution of moneys from the Gaming Commission Fund
SB 0364 - Yeckel - Modifies allowable fees for handling refused instruments
SB 0365 - Yeckel - Modifies allowable fees for late payments in certain contracts
SB 0366 - Scott - Allows gas and electric corporations to petition PSC for preconstruction determination of ratemaking principles
SB 0367 - Scott - Requires criminal history check for certain persons related to the gaming industry and the state gaming commission
SB 0368 - Gibbons - Allows members of the Missouri State Society Daughters of the American Revolution to obtain special license plates
SB 0369 - Gibbons - Creates the "Friends of Kids with Cancer" license plate
SB 0370 - Foster - Allows political subdivisions to enter into agreements for reciprocal emergency aid without approval of the governor
SB 0371 - Foster - Allows MOHELA to provide loans for nonsectarian tuition and other costs for certain students
SB 0372 - Yeckel - Regulates the licensing and registration of naturopathic physicians
SB 0373 - Bartle - Modifies provisions of the self-storage facilities act
SB 0374 - Shields - Allows certain state employees an option of how they will be compensated for overtime work
SB 0375 - Steelman - Creates an enterprise zone in Pulaski County and the City of Richland
SB 0376 - Caskey - Changes the body that certifies a deputy coroner to the Missouri Coroners and Medical Examiners Association
SB 0377 - Childers - Creates a malpractice settlement tax
SB 0378 - Steelman - Prohibits persons under 21 from dancing or being allowed to dance in an adult cabaret
SB 0379 - Champion - Allows the City of Springfield to remove or transfer real property from a district or zone designation
SB 0380 - Cauthorn - Allows nursing home districts to establish and maintain senior housing
SB 0381 - Dolan - Enacts various measures relating to transportation
SB 0382 - Dolan - Allows motorists to obtain Special Olympics Missouri license plates
SB 0383 - Dolan - Modifies duties of county recorder in manner of recording certain documents
SB 0384 - Dolan - Prohibits trucks from being driven in the far left-hand lane on certain highways of this state
SB 0385 - Scott - Modifies how taxes are calculated for workers' compensation policies with deductible options
SB 0386 - Cauthorn - Creates the Respect Life license plate and establishes a fund to promote alternatives to abortion
SB 0387 - Cauthorn - Requires director of insurance to approve or reject medical malpractice insurance rates on enumerated factors
SB 0388 - Klindt - Increases the amount borrowers can be guaranteed from the single purpose animal facilities loan guarantee fund
SB 0389 - Steelman - Requires consideration of use and income derived from property in setting damages in condemnation proceedings
SB 0390 - Jacob - Incorporates Southwest Missouri State University into, and becomes a campus of, the University of Missouri system
SB 0391 - Shields - Establishes the Missouri State Advisory Council on Pain and Symptom Management
SB 0392 - Shields - Extends the hazardous waste generator fees
SB 0393 - Coleman - Creates the "Women's Right to Know Act"
SB 0394 - Bartle - Modifies law governing corporate formalities
SB 0395 - Bartle - Revises civil procedure for challenging a board of director decision and shareholder appraisal
SB 0396 - Kennedy - Expands the sponsorship and mentoring program tax credits to apply to other taxes
SB 0397 - Griesheimer - Modifies the law relating to vital records
SB 0398 - Griesheimer - Creates the Missouri natural resources and environmental commission
SB 0399 - Caskey - Expands the crime of delivering any controlled substances to prisons, city & county jails, and private prisons & jails
SB 0400 - Bray - Sets speed limits within school zones and requires drivers to use care with respect to pedestrians and bicyclists
SB 0401 - Dolan - Modifies the definition of crime under Chapter 595, RSMo, and crime victims' compensation fund
SB 0402 - Dolan - Modifies the law regarding Children's Trust Fund license plates
SB 0403 - Dolan - Allows members of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers to receive special license plates
SB 0404 - Nodler - Makes manufacturing a controlled substance within 2,000 ft. of a school a class A felony
SB 0405 - Klindt - Expands the immunity from civil liability for property owners that own land that adjoins public trails
SB 0406 - Klindt - Makes information collected in the course of an insurance compliance audit privileged information
SB 0407 - Klindt - Modifies the requirements for health insurance coverage of clinical trials
SB 0408 - Klindt - Creates corrections officers certification and training
SB 0409 - Steelman - Creates the crime of release of anhydrous ammonia
SB 0410 - Shields - Modifies the amount of supplemental fees for the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program
SB 0411 - Shields - Allows closure of operational plans and documents used to respond to certain critical incidents
SB 0412 - Foster - Enables tangible personal property to be depreciated in a scheduled manner
SB 0413 - Steelman - Protects use of the title social worker
SB 0414 - Steelman - Revises provisions of the sunshine law
SB 0415 - Yeckel - Modifies provisions relating to professional licensing
SB 0416 - Yeckel - Alters the distribution of the gaming commission fund
SB 0417 - Yeckel - Modifies provisions which fire district board members may be recalled for misconduct in office or criminal convictions
SB 0418 - Cauthorn - Creates the crime of endangerment of corrections personnel
SB 0419 - Stoll - Allows motorists to obtain organ donor special license plates
SB 0420 - Stoll - Extends the 25 and out provisions of the public school and nonteacher retirement systems
SB 0421 - Mathewson - Revises the times at which liquor by the drink may be served in certain convention trade areas
SB 0422 - Childers - Revises membership qualifications for school boards
SB 0423 - Childers - Designates a portion of Highway 65 in Taney County as the "Trooper Jimmie Linegar Memorial Highway"
SB 0424 - Steelman - Requires licensed hospitals to fill nurse staffing needs based on an acuity system
SB 0425 - Scott - Modifies various provisions dealing with the reporting and investigation of an individual's death
SB 0426 - Griesheimer - Modifies time state employees may receive paid leave for volunteering as a Red Cross disaster service volunteer
SB 0427 - Bartle - Adopts Missouri Securities Act of 2003
SB 0428 - Shields - Alters definitions concerning Charles Gallagher Financial Awards and the Nursing Student Loan Program
SB 0429 - Vogel - Allows an employer to surrender unclaimed wages of under $50 to the state treasurer after six months
SB 0430 - Champion - Modifies the law relating to children's protective services
SB 0431 - Gibbons - Modifies the law relating to informed consent for experimental treatments by accredited teaching hospitals
SB 0432 - Cauthorn - Makes various changes to commercial motor vehicle laws
SB 0433 - Yeckel - Requires sale of certain methamphetamine drugs from behind the counter
SB 0434 - Yeckel - Modifies provisions of lobbyist reporting and campaign finance disclosure
SB 0435 - Dolan - Creates the Disposition of Fetal Remains Act and allows the state registrar to issue a certification of stillbirth
SB 0436 - Klindt - Authorizes an appropriation from the Budget Reserve Fund
SB 0437 - Yeckel - Allows a tax credit for persons who contribute to pregnancy resource centers
SB 0438 - Clemens - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 60 as the Korea Veterans' Memorial Freeway
SB 0439 - Steelman - Requires territorial service agreements for the provision of service in certain sewer districts
SB 0440 - Steelman - Modifies the procedure for disconnection of water services for nonpayment of a sewer bill
SB 0441 - Dougherty - Allows counties to abate a portion of property taxes for certain purposes
SB 0442 - Gross - Requires ephedrine and ephedrine-based products to be behind the counter
SB 0443 - Gross - Allows a brewer to have a financial interest in a restaurant or bar that sells liquor
SB 0444 - Shields - Requires health carriers to provide coverage for chiropractic care as par for basic health care services
SB 0445 - Shields - Directs unobligated cash balance in the school building revolving fund as of Aug. 28, 2003 to the foundation formula
SB 0446 - Bartle - Modifies provisions of court procedure
SB 0447 - Bartle - Creates the basic civil legal services fund
SB 0448 - Bartle - Extends sunset for statewide court automation fund
SB 0449 - Bartle - Limits certificate of need to only long-term care facilities
SB 0450 - Mathewson - Creates the division of community health
SB 0451 - Loudon - Requires appointment of St. Louis city circuit clerk
SB 0452 - Loudon - Amends the requirements for certain health entities relating to membership forms and certificates of authority
SB 0453 - Shields - Requires students enrolled in institutions of higher education to receive meningitis vaccine
SB 0454 - Coleman - Modifies the law relating to lead abatement
SB 0455 - Dougherty - Extends the Family Care Safety Registry to January 1, 2007
SB 0456 - Kennedy - Allows a self-directed deferred retirement plan program for the St. Louis Firefighters Retirement System
SB 0457 - Caskey - Allows a position on the executive council of the judicial conference to be filled
SB 0458 - Childers - Extends the sunset on the dry fire hydrant tax credit
SB 0459 - Loudon - Deems a health carrier's network to be adequate if it has been accredited by certain organizations
SB 0460 - Loudon - Establishes mandated health benefit review commission and eliminates certain mandates from health policies
SB 0461 - Bray - Alters provisions regarding teacher termination hearings
SB 0462 - Gross - Creates a medical insurance incentive for state employees who retire after 1/1/03, and before 11/1/03
SB 0463 - Gross - Increases term of director for nonprofit corporation from five to six years
SB 0464 - Gibbons - Allows public entities to seek reimbursement from a third party tortfeasor for health benefits paid to employees
SB 0465 - Bartle - Modifies duties of judicial finance commission
SB 0466 - Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to charges in criminal cases
SB 0467 - Bartle - Increases criminal case filing surcharge
SB 0468 - Bartle - Modifies types of case dispositions that must be reported to the Uniform Law Enforcement System Records
SB 0469 - Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to court personnel
SB 0470 - Bartle - Modifies provisions relating to liens on real estate
SB 0471 - Bartle - Modifies filing requirements for child support garnishment orders
SB 0472 - Loudon - Makes adjustments to the school foundation formula
SB 0473 - Stoll - Requires additional information regarding department of economic development contracts for financial assistance
SB 0474 - Bartle - Modifies surcharge procedure in civil case filings
SB 0475 - Jacob - Creates the "Video Gaming Machine Network" to generate revenue for higher education
SB 0476 - Jacob - Eliminates the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of the State of Missouri
SB 0477 - Griesheimer - Regulates the sale of motor vehicle extended service contracts
SB 0478 - Gross - Creates inactive status for architects and psychologists and modifies duties of landscape architects
SB 0479 - Gross - Specifies the annual leave accrual rate and options for excess accrued leave for the Dept. of Transportation
SB 0480 - Dolan - Modifies licensing of physical therapists and physical therapists assistants
SB 0481 - Dolan - Enacts various accountability measures which pertain to the operation of the department of transportation
SB 0482 - Kennedy - Allows certain fire protection districts to continue to serve areas that have been annexed into the city of DeSoto
SB 0483 - Gross - Enables certain land trusts to be exempt from property taxation
SB 0484 - Shields - Allows members or alumni of Alpha Phi Omega to obtain specialized license plates
SB 0485 - Shields - Allows public hospitals in Clay and Boone counties to close certain records and meetings
SB 0486 - Dolan - Extends various types of automobiles insurance coverage to loaned or demonstration vehicles
SB 0487 - Dolan - Modifies certain court fees associated with court reporters
SB 0488 - Dolan - Eliminates an appeal of a determination of whether a person is a sexually violent predator
SB 0489 - Dolan - Increases the surcharge from $2 to $3 in each criminal case
SB 0490 - Dolan - Requires alcohol related reports submitted by law enforcement officers to be certified
SB 0491 - Scott - Requires the department of transportation to submit to arbitration in certain contract disputes
SB 0492 - Scott - Revises the registration of a commercial interior designer
SB 0493 - Kennedy - Modifies the law relating to the screening of genetic diseases and birth defects
SB 0494 - Klindt - Eliminates DNR fee funds and sweeps balance to general revenue
SB 0495 - Yeckel - Lowers speed limits on trucks and prohibits trucks from driving in the left-hand lane on certain highways
SB 0496 - Yeckel - Allows biennial licensing for certain finance companies
SB 0497 - Yeckel - Creates the Show-Me Parental Choice Tax Credit Program
SB 0498 - Yeckel - Modifies provisions relating to jury service
SB 0499 - Bartle - Reduces salaries of members of the General Assembly for FY2004 to a sum equal to 97% of their FY2003 salary
SB 0500 - Loudon - Removes the aggregate cap for the adoption tax credit program
SB 0501 - Gross - Exempts contractors from paying sales taxes on materials used in department of transportation projects
SB 0502 - Vogel - Creates the Exhibition Center and Recreation Facility District Act for certain counties
SB 0503 - Jacob - Allows certain teachers who job-share to receive creditable service for retirement and pro-rata leave and holidays
SB 0504 - Clemens - Authorizes a satellite enterprise zone in Springfield
SB 0505 - Clemens - Limits taking farmland by eminent domain
SB 0506 - Clemens - Includes the use of lasers within the definition of dentistry
SB 0507 - Bray - Seeks to repeal the Academically Deficient Schools Program
SB 0508 - Bray - Modifies provisions concerning industrial development
SB 0509 - Bray - Requires the labeling of bottled water
SB 0510 - Kinder - Extends the expiration date for the federal reimbursement allowance program for hospitals
SB 0511 - Kinder - Establishes the Joint Committee on the Life Sciences
SB 0512 - Russell - Authorizes the board of public buildings to issue additional revenue bonds for expanded purposes
SB 0513 - Kennedy - Removes discretion of board of police commissioners as to paid vacation and holidays in some situations
SB 0514 - Kennedy - Modifies provisions relating to the regulation and licensing of professional addiction counselors
SB 0515 - Bland - Modifies provisions relating to the licensing of advanced practice registered nurses and the practice of nursing
SB 0516 - Kennedy - Allows members of the St. Louis Police Retirement System to purchase their DROP period
SB 0517 - Jacob - Increases length of revocation periods and amount of liability insurance that must be carried by certain drivers
SB 0518 - Steelman - Prohibits ALJs and Administrative Hearing Commissioners from having or contributing to a campaign account
SB 0519 - Foster - Applies standards to be utilized in determining the necessity of proposed school district boundary changes
SB 0520 - Klindt - Provides that A+ reimbursements shall not be issued to any four-year institutions of higher education
SB 0521 - Gross - Addresses public entity's requirement of surety bonds and establishes the open contracting act
SB 0522 - Gross - Provides an additional rate for the capital improvement sales tax
SB 0523 - Kennedy - Creates the Board of Counselors and Therapists
SB 0524 - Jacob - Allows certain first classification counties to create a geographical information system
SB 0525 - Dolan - Adds a voting student member to the board of regents, governors, and curators of higher education institutions
SB 0526 - Gross - Prohibits contingent attorney's fees in property tax appeals
SB 0527 - Gross - Revises the fee structure for merchants' licenses
SB 0528 - Gross - Sets requirements for obtaining a warrant by telephone
SB 0529 - Childers - Allows certain railroads within Missouri to be designated by the division of tourism as official state railroads
SB 0530 - Childers - Exempts ticket sales for railway excursions that travel fewer than 50 miles from their origination
SB 0531 - Childers - Eliminates the presidential primary in Missouri
SB 0532 - Mathewson - Creates the Pesticide Project Fund
SB 0533 - Cauthorn - Allows some individuals to waive the protections of the workers' compensation law
SB 0534 - Cauthorn - Includes definitions for protective oversight and voluntary leave in the Omnibus Nursing Home Act
SB 0535 - Yeckel - Requires specified training for professional counselors wishing to diagnose mental and emotional disorders
SB 0536 - Jacob - Enacts various changes to state income and sales tax laws
SB 0537 - Jacob - Authorizes Boone County Counselor to prosecute certain actions resulting in civil fines
SB 0538 - Dolan - Creates identity crimes
SB 0539 - Bray - Modifies law regarding residential property insurance
SB 0540 - Gross - Limits the number of microbrewer licenses available to an individual and his agents
SB 0541 - Scott - Includes health care providers working in county jails in legal fund
SB 0542 - Caskey - Revises compensation and retirement benefits for administrative law judges
SB 0543 - Dougherty - Revises various criminal background checks
SB 0544 - Gross - Creates the Missouri Sunset Act
SB 0545 - Mathewson - Modifies provisions of the state health care plan regarding public entity participation in such plan
SB 0546 - Caskey - Allows Johnson County to adopt and impose landfill fees
SB 0547 - Caskey - Modifies pay schedules for certain county clerks and treasurers
SB 0548 - Champion - Requires annual report by the Jt. Committee on Legislative Research listing statutes expiring within the next 2 years
SB 0549 - Days - Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information
SB 0550 - Scott - Adds rental contracts to stealing
SB 0551 - Yeckel - Creates the Missouri Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association
SB 0552 - Yeckel - Expands the list of property exempt from attachment to clarify that all qualified retirement plans will be exempt
SB 0553 - Bartle - Alters the foundation formula by completely removing the line 1(b) calculation
SB 0554 - Klindt - Extends the carry-back operating losses from farming from 2 years to 3 years
SB 0555 - Kinder - Addresses ability of certain aluminum smelters and cities to purchase energy outside of PSC oversight
SB 0556 - Kinder - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SB 0557 - Shields - Modifies the law relating to pharmacists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical services and drug distributors
SB 0558 - Klindt - Revises procedure in information given when transferring offenders
SB 0559 - Klindt - Allows highway patrol officers to accept federal commissions and hold position as school board members
SB 0560 - Childers - Rewards engineer designs below a per capita cost
SB 0561 - Dolan - Creastes the Missouri Home Improvement Fraud Act
SB 0562 - Griesheimer - Authorizes conveyance of state property located in St. Louis County to the City of Pacific
SB 0563 - Shields - Revises ages of victims for various sexual offenses
SB 0564 - Gross - Changes governance of the St. Louis International Airport
SB 0565 - Goode - Relating to job creation and fiscal accountability
SB 0566 - Cauthorn - Deletes the term "elk" from the definition of livestock and adds the term "cervidae"
SB 0567 - Steelman - Gives authority to create reorganized common sewer districts
SB 0568 - Yeckel - Requires children to be at least 8 years old, 4 feet 4 inches, and 60 pounds to ride as passengers on motorcycles
SB 0569 - Yeckel - Revises election laws to comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002
SB 0570 - Loudon - Establishes a license registration procedure for street rods and custom vehicles
SB 0571 - Loudon - Includes Christian Science practitioners within the definition of Minister for mandated reports of child abuse
SB 0572 - Dougherty - Allows foster children to receive a tuition and fee waiver to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 0573 - Dougherty - Modifies various provisions relating to the Missouri Family Trust
SB 0574 - Days - DESE shall award salary supplement grants to priority school employing high quality teachers, subject to appropriations
SB 0575 - Kennedy - Requires St. Louis City police members receive pay for unused vacation time annually rather than lose it
SB 0576 - Vogel - Conveys state property in Cole County to the Missouri State Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission
SB 0577 - Shields - Authorizes the conveyance of an easement in the form of a right-of-way in the City of St. Joseph
SB 0578 - Shields - Authorizes the conveyance of land owned by the state in Platte County
SB 0579 - Wheeler - Subjects nonprofit health entities to additional review by the AG before they can convert to for profit entities
SB 0580 - Wheeler - Establishes the lifetime home grant program which is funded by an additional $1 fee on real estate instruments
SB 0581 - Clemens - Amends various provisions regarding special license plates
SB 0582 - Kennedy - Creates a gang resistance education and training program to be used in schools
SB 0583 - Nodler - Repeals the Small Business Guaranty Fee Tax Credit
SB 0584 - Dolan - Creates several crimes relating to motor vehicles
SB 0585 - Dolan - Modifies calculation of summer school eligible pupil counts and demonstration of quantifiable pupil assessment gains
SB 0586 - Stoll - Encourages effective involvement of parents in support of the education of their children by State Board of Education
SB 0587 - Stoll - Increases the COLA for certain special consultants and retirees from 80% to 100% of the consumer price index
SB 0588 - Stoll - Allows members of MOSERS who retired prior to July 1, 1990, an additional $5 per month times years of creditable service
SB 0589 - Shields - Modifies provisions relating to the licensing of chiropractors
SB 0590 - Shields - Enables an increase in the senior citizens' services tax with voter approval and adds a tourism tax
SB 0591 - Shields - Provides that certain circuit clerks shall be appointed
SB 0592 - Foster - Establishes that certain counties' moneys collected may be expended for courtroom renovation & technology
SB 0593 - Foster - Modifies the law pertaining to hot-line calls for alleged child abuse and neglect
SB 0594 - Bray - Allows operators of low-speed vehicles to use public highways under certain conditions
SB 0595 - Steelman - Establishes the comprehensive patient education and healthcare cost improvement pilot program
SB 0596 - Childers - Creates a 10% tax credit for new revenue of a new or expanded business
SB 0597 - Childers - Allows property that is added to a fire protection district to be excluded from an ambulance district
SB 0598 - Childers - Establishes the Corporal Bobbie J. Harper Memorial Highway on U.S. Highway 71 in McDonald County
SB 0599 - Childers - Makes various revisions to programs managed by the department of economic development
SB 0600 - Jacob - Allows licensing and regulation of ultimate fighting
SB 0601 - Griesheimer - Provides conservation agents and retirees with an additional benefit under the year 2000 plan
SB 0602 - Cauthorn - Exempts natural gas used in the production of ethanol from taxation
SB 0603 - Kennedy - Revises the regulation and licensing of professional addiction counselors
SB 0604 - Vogel - Makes various salary and job qualification changes at the local government level
SB 0605 - Vogel - Modifies provisions relating to disqualification from jury service
SB 0606 - Coleman - Allows the department of natural resources to convey state land in certain situations
SB 0607 - Loudon - Removes the salaries of elected officials from those not considered wages for unemployment benefits
SB 0608 - Dougherty - Modifies the law relating to lead abatement
SB 0609 - Scott - Modifies the law relating to protective services for children
SB 0610 - Yeckel - Creates a stamp tax on controlled substances
SB 0611 - Clemens - Allows county agricultural and mechanical societies to borrow money and mortgage property
SB 0612 - Clemens - Requires Springfield to sell utility services on a non- discriminatory basis and at the same price to nonresidents
SB 0613 - Shields - Modifies provisions for return of leased property held by pawn broker to the claimant
SB 0614 - Shields - Sets rules that a temporary help firm employee must follow before claiming unemployment
SB 0615 - Bartle - Prohibits locating sexually-oriented billboards within one mile of a state highway
SB 0616 - Nodler - Reenacts provisions regarding venue for suits against non-profit corporations
SB 0617 - Cauthorn - Money collected from pesticide registration deposited in the Missouri Qualified Fuel Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund
SB 0618 - Kennedy - Requires the Department of Mental Health to develop a state suicide prevention plan
SB 0619 - Loudon - Repeals the requirement that surplus lines insurance license applicants file a bond with the Department of Insurance
SB 0620 - Loudon - Modifies the BUILD program and implements certain job retention provisions
SB 0621 - Loudon - Allows certain cities to abate certain types of public nuisances and charge the cost of removal against owner
SB 0622 - Loudon - Revises current law regarding insurance coverage for mental health conditions and chemical dependency
SB 0623 - Foster - Creates procedures for challenges to fiscal notes in initiatives and referenda
SB 0624 - Foster - Adds the Ozark Foothills Child Assessment Center as a center which the Department of Social Services shall fund
SB 0625 - Foster - Requires providers of long-term care services to be reimbursed for reasonable and adequate costs
SB 0626 - Coleman - Provides for reinstatement of lapsed barbers' licenses
SB 0627 - Coleman - Clarifies provisions for the deferred retirement option plan (DROP) for St. Louis City Police Retirement System
SB 0628 - Coleman - Creates the Dominic James Memorial Foster Care Reform Act of 2003
SB 0629 - Coleman - Create the "More for Four" pilot program, providing grants to a maximum of 25 pre-kindergarten pilot programs
SB 0630 - Scott - Eliminates need for basic air operating permit for air contaminant class B sources
SB 0631 - Bray - Implements the provisions of the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
SB 0632 - Days - Renders alterations to policies concerning early childhood special education placement
SB 0633 - Shields - Enables property in two cities to be annexed into only one of the two cities
SB 0634 - Coleman - Modifies applicability of certain property taxes to certain tax increment financing projects
SB 0635 - Mathewson - Modifies statutes to reflect reorganization of executive branch departments by executive order
SB 0636 - Mathewson - Revises employment security laws
SB 0637 - Caskey - Alters policies regarding the lapse of school districts
SB 0638 - Days - Requires license-exempt residential care facilities to provide a notice of parental responsibility
SB 0639 - Foster - Limits the amount and the applicability of the historic preservation tax credit
SB 0640 - Foster - Creates the state historical monuments, memorials, and markers board
SB 0641 - Foster - Alters provisions regarding special education policy
SB 0642 - Foster - Amends exception to the mandatory days of school attendance to apply to inclement weather during the 2002-03 school year
SB 0643 - Yeckel - Replaces family court commissioners with associate circuit judges
SB 0644 - Kennedy - Alters provisions regarding early childhood special education services
SB 0645 - Kennedy - Addresses benefits of survivors of a police officer and those who may use the deferred retirement option plan
SB 0646 - Bray - Modifies reporting of campaign finance expenditures
SB 0647 - Bray - Allows the state board of education to promulgate rules regarding model school district healthy dietary guidelines
SB 0648 - Shields - Allows the Missouri Development Finance Board to create a life sciences funding district
SB 0649 - Shields - Modifies the law relating to the Putative Father Registry
SB 0650 - Jacob - Establishes faculty representatives on the governing boards of state colleges and universities
SB 0651 - Steelman - Makes the Norton/Cynthiana grape the official state grape
SB 0652 - Steelman - Limits time period and geographic area for declared emergencies
SB 0653 - Steelman - Prohibits glass containers on navigable waterways and requires other containers be secured
SB 0654 - Steelman - Requires certain filings of contractors and companies who repair, remove, and close petroleum liquid storage systems
SB 0655 - Klindt - Excludes agricultural stormwater discharges and return flows from irrigated agriculture from clean water provisions
SB 0656 - Klindt - Requires clean water commission to regulate animal feeding operations
SB 0657 - Klindt - Makes it a crime to photograph or release a pathogen or disease into animal research and production facility
SB 0658 - Cauthorn - Creates the Missouri Physicians Mutual Insurance Company Act
SB 0659 - Cauthorn - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants
SB 0660 - Cauthorn - Modifies state procurement laws
SB 0661 - Wheeler - Allows regionally accredited post-secondary educational facilities to be eligible for tourist signs
SB 0662 - Wheeler - Creates the crime of tampering with prescription drugs
SB 0663 - Dolan - Exempts call-up military from the property tax on cars in certain circumstances
SB 0664 - Childers - Modifies the law regarding medical malpractice actions against health care providers
SB 0665 - Bland - Requires health insurance policies to cover treatment for overweight and obese persons
SB 0666 - Bland - School districts with multiple attendance centers shall develop policies regarding intra-district transfers
SB 0667 - Bland - Requires sentencing commission to study sentencing
SB 0668 - Cauthorn - Decreases number of employees in an employee-qualified capital project from 100 to 60 to receive certain tax credit
SB 0669 - Dougherty - Changes statute of limitation on childhood sexual abuse cases
SB 0670 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of posted inquiries in calculating credit risk scores
SB 0671 - DePasco - Allows cigarette retailers to participate in cigarette merchandising, advertising, display, or promotion programs
SB 0672 - Coleman - Limits venues who may have special firework shows and restricts the use of fireworks
SB 0673 - Coleman - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to offer a vaccination program for first responders
SB 0674 - Gross - Authorizes the conveyance of Marshall Habilitation Center and Midtown Habilitation Center
SB 0675 - Gross - Eliminates certain funds and charges interest against certain other funds
SB 0676 - Kennedy - Creates an exception to the mandatory days of school attendance for the 2002-2003 school year
SB 0677 - Vogel - Makes the federal accelerated depreciation decoupling permanent
SB 0678 - Vogel - Modifies corporate income tax apportionment and the tax rate
SB 0679 - Loudon - Modifies allowable interest on certain judgments
SB 0680 - Loudon - Establishes a licensing board to regulate electrical contractors
SB 0681 - Loudon - Modifies provisions relating to actions for unlawful discriminatory practices
SB 0682 - Loudon - Requires the juvenile court to notify school districts of any violations of compulsory school attendance
SB 0683 - Clemens - Requires certain land acquired by the Dept. of Conservation to be sold at public auction
SB 0684 - Dougherty - Modifies the law pertaining to the licensing of child care facilities
SB 0685 - Gibbons - Creates a comprehensive children's mental health service system
SB 0686 - Russell - Articulates conditions upon which school districts may transfer unrestricted funds
SB 0687 - Russell - Modifies multistate corporate income calculations to disallow the classification of non-Missouri source income
SB 0688 - Russell - Makes various changes to sales and income tax laws to close loopholes
SB 0689 - Russell - Eliminates the timely filing withholding discount
SB 0690 - Russell - Adds certain tax compliance measures for certain businesses
SB 0691 - Russell - Requires sales and use tax compliance from vendors selling to the state
SB 0692 - Klindt - Creates the Missouri Rural Economic Stimulus Act
SB 0693 - Klindt - Changes numerous state employee workplace provisions
SB 0694 - Klindt - Allows Caldwell County to have a jail anywhere within their county
SB 0695 - Goode - Modifies various provisions relating to medical services and eligibility
SB 0696 - Coleman - Establishes the child support responsibility act
SB 0697 - Nodler - Designates a George Washington Carver Memorial Highway on a portion of Interstate 44 in Jasper and Newton Counties
SB 0698 - Russell - Creates safety standards for cribs which are sold or used by commercial users
SB 0699 - Russell - Replaces the term "eligible pupils" with the term "average daily attendance" in line 1 of the foundation formula
SCR 001 - Gross - Rejects salary increase recommendations of the Citizens' Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SCR 002 - Bland - Renames the Joint Interim Committee on After-School Programs the Joint Committee on Out-of-School Programs
SCR 003 - Loudon - Urges Illinois to enact legislation that requires parental consent to obtain an abortion or to recognize Missouri law
SCR 004 - Jacob - Relating to the construction of a hotel/convention center complex in Columbia
SCR 005 - Cauthorn - Urges Congress to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution
SCR 006 - Stoll - Urges Congress to repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision of the Social Security Act
SCR 007 - Gross - Establishes a Joint Interim Committee on Judicial Resources
SCR 008 - Dougherty - Renaming the St. Louis office of the division of workforce development after Nathaniel J. "Nat" Rivers
SCR 009 - Shields - Urges Congress to enact out-patient prescription drug coverage as part of the federal Medicare program
SCR 010 - Bartle - Authorizes the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to print and bind copies of the session laws
SCR 011 - Steelman - Relating to the creation of the comprehensive patient education and health care cost improvement pilot project
SCR 012 - Gibbons - Relating to prison facilities
SCR 013 - Nodler - Creates a subcommittee on Competition and Privatization within the Joint Committee on Legislative Research
SCR 014 - Dolan - Relating to defense of the United States
SCR 015 - Dolan - Supports the actions of the President and offers unfettered dedication to all members of the United States' armed forces
SCR 016 - Goode - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on Education
SCR 017 - Cauthorn - Expresses support of Senate to faith-based and community organizations
SCR 018 - Mathewson - Creates an interim committee to study the streamlining of state employee benefits
SCR 019 - Bland - Establishes a Hepatitis C Task Force to examine the impact of the Hepatitis C virus in Missouri
SCR 020 - Foster - Proclaims the general assembly's support for & the display of the national motto "In God We Trust" in public buildings
SCR 021 - Cauthorn - Endorses the recommendations of the Missouri Dairy Growth Council
SJR 001 - Bland - Ratifies the United States Equal Rights Amendment
SJR 002 - Bland - Repeals portions of the Hancock Amendment concerning total state revenues and tax increases
SJR 003 - Gross - Exempts property owned by veterans' organizations from property taxation
SJR 004 - Cauthorn - Allows private school students to ride public school buses
SJR 005 - Bland - Creates a fund to hold excess revenue of the state
SJR 006 - Bartle - Abolishes the Highway Commission and replaces it with a Director of Transportation
SJR 007 - Loudon - Amends the Constitution to allow the commission to design, acquire, construct, maintain, and operate toll facilities
SJR 008 - Bartle - Creates a limit of two terms for offices of attorney general, state auditor, secretary of state & lt. governor
SJR 009 - Yeckel - Removes portion of the Missouri Constitution which prohibits distribution of state funds to religious organizations
SJR 010 - Yeckel - Removes provision limiting distribution of funds to any church, religion, or any preacher or teacher thereof
SJR 011 - Bartle - Reduces number of representatives from 163 to 105 and increases number of senators from 34 to 35
SJR 012 - Mathewson - Increases the motor fuel tax by four cents to retire state road bonds authorized by the General Assembly
SJR 013 - Stoll - Revises requirements to be met by those involved in the management of bingo
SJR 014 - Jacob - Amends the Constitution to create a Revenue Stabilization Fund
SJR 015 - Gross - Abolishes the Missouri Citizen's Commission on Compensation
SJR 016 - Jacob - Constitutional amendment to repeal legislative term limits, subject to voter approval
SJR 017 - Dolan - Revises the current transportation funding scheme with respect to various state agencies
SJR 018 - Coleman - Enables the legislature to issue bonds for education purposes
SJR 019 - Clemens - Prohibits additional appropriations for funding of professional sports stadiums without a vote of the people
SJR 020 - Bray - Modifies powers and duties of the state highways and transportation commission
SJR 021 - Cauthorn - Puts to the vote of the people every four years the issue of conservation sales tax
SJR 022 - Klindt - Eliminates the authority of the department of conservation to purchase land
SJR 023 - Coleman - Changes minimum age requirements for members of the General Assembly
SR 0002 - Gibbons - Senate Duly convened - officers elected
SR 0004 - Kinder - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rules 25, 28, and 49
SR 0030 - Shields - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 30
SR 0113 - Vogel - Allows the use of the Senate Chamber by the Rotary Club for Student Government Day - March 24, 2003
SR 0114 - Vogel - Allows the use of the Senate Chamber by the Missouri Catholic Conference - October 4, 2003
SR 0131 - Vogel - Relating to Use of Chamber for Silver Haired Legislature
SR 0132 - Vogel - Relating to Use of Chamber for YMCA Youth in Government
SR 0214 - Jacob - Use of Senate Chamber by Missouri Girls State - 6/24/2003
SR 0433 - Dolan - Support for the President and dedication to all members of the United States' armed forces
SR 0602 - Bland - Use of Senate Chamber by MO Legislative Black Caucus Youth Leadership Conference
SR 0900 - Mathewson - Creates an interim committee to study the streamlining of state employee benefits
SR 0919 - Steelman - Creates an Interim Committee on Police Officer Residency requirements for political subdivisions
SR 0977 - Griesheimer - Supports the creation of a task force to study the issues related to prevailing wage