SB 0265 Alters provisions regarding the certification of public school teachers
01/15/03S First Read S84
01/23/03Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S129
01/28/03Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
02/04/03SCS Voted Do Pass S Education Committee (0574S.06C)
02/06/03Reported From S Education Committee to S186
Floor w/SCS
02/13/03Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S222
02/26/03SS for SCS S offered (Shields) (0547S.10F) S322
02/26/03SA 1 to SS for SCS S offered (Shields) S322
02/26/03SSA 1 for SA 1 to SS for SS S offered & S322-323
adopted (Caskey)
02/26/03SA 2 to SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Kennedy) S323-325
02/26/03SS for SCS, as amended, S adopted S325
02/26/03Perfected S325
02/26/03Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S329
02/27/03Referred S Governmental Accountability & Fiscal S343
Oversight Committee
03/04/03Hearing Conducted S Governmental Accountability and
Fiscal Oversight
03/04/03Voted Do Pass S Governmental Accountability and
Fiscal Oversight Committee
03/04/03Reported From S Governmental Accountability and S384
Fiscal Oversight Committee to Floor
03/06/03S Third Read and Passed S407
03/06/03H First Read H585
03/10/03H Second Read H597
03/13/03Referred H Education Committee H683
04/09/03Hearing Conducted H Education Committee
04/09/03HCS Voted Do Pass H Education Committee
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