- Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed -

CCS/HS/SCS/SBs 915, 710 & 907 - This act submits a transportation funding package to the voters in August 2002. If a majority of the voters approve the funding package, the gas tax would be raised by 4 cents (17 cents to 21 cents) and the general sales tax would be raised by a 1/2 cent. The 1/2 cent sales tax would be distributed as follows:

(1) 20% of increased sales tax to multimodal fund and requires 1/3 of this amount shall be used exclusively for capital improvements.

(2) 2% of the increased sales tax shall be deposited in, an equal amount, in the Missouri Qualified Fuel Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund and the Missouri Qualified Biodisel Producer Incentive Fund.

(3) 78% of the increased sales tax shall be deposited in the State Road Fund.

(4) One-half of the increased sales tax on motor vehicles is distributed to the above funds in the same amounts, while the other half is distributed pursuant to the Missouri Constitution.

This act also authorizes the director of the department of transportation to appoint an inspector general within MoDOT to perform investigations.

This act eliminates certain state offices, departments and elected offices from using highway user revenues from the state highways and transportation department fund. However, the Highway Patrol, the Department of Revenue (their actual costs in collecting highway revenues) and the actual costs incurred by the Office of Administration on behalf of the Highway Patrol and employees of the Department of Revenue are still authorized to use this fund. Appropriations to the Highway Patrol must be made in accordance with the Constitution. The inspector general is authorized to audit this fund to ensure compliance.

This act shall be submitted to the vote of the people in August 2002. In 2012, the voters will be asked to decide whether the additional revenues generated under this act shall be continued. If that measure is rejected, the increased sales tax and gas tax rates will return to today's current level.