- Introduced -

SB 1231 - This act requires the State Emergency Management Agency to administer an emergency volunteer program in any disaster or emergency. Current law applies only to earthquakes or other natural disasters. The volunteers may donate their time and equipment for the period requested by the state and agreed to by the volunteer. The act also revises the qualified immunity of volunteers for their actions or omissions while assisting the state during a time of emergency.

The act authorizes local governments to utilize volunteers during a time of local emergency. Any work done after the period of emergency is over shall be advertised and bid as required by state and federal law.

The act immunizes any person from liability for the person's actions on behalf of the state or a local government in an emergency if the person, in good faith, believes that such action within the scope of the government's request for emergency assistance. The immunity from liability is qualified with regard to willful or reckless conduct of the person or if the harm was not a necessary or likely result of the person's actions.