- Introduced -

SB 1145 - This act redefines the supervision of physician's assistants (PA) by physicians. Section 334.735, RSMo, currently defines the scope of practice of a PA and requires a PA to be supervised by a physician within the same office facility. New language provides a new definition for the term "supervision" to require the physician to be immediately available to the PA either personally or by telecommunications. A supervising physician must be personally present at least twenty percent of the clinic hours if a PA is used. The PA is limited to practice at locations where a physician is no more than thirty miles away and, in health professional shortage areas, fifty miles away. The ability of the Board of Healing Arts to make rules regarding the proximity of practice between the PA and physician is removed.

In addition, new language requires all applicants for PA licensure who apply after January 1, 2005, to have a master's degree in a health or medical science related field. A new subsection 10 prevents a physician from supervising more than three full time PAs at one time. This rule does not, however, apply to hospital employees providing in-patient care services. Finally, a new language provides that the supervising physician must document the completion of at least one month of practice with a supervising physician continuously present before a PA may practice without the physician continuously present.

This act is similar to SB 73 (2001).