- House Committee Substitute -

HCS/SS/SB 665 - This act create the Missouri Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL). The RCFL will be under the control of the Highway Patrol. The RCFL will combine local, state and federal resources to research and combat computer and Internet-related crimes (Sections 43.653, 43.656, & 43.659).

This act requires public (elementary and secondary) schools and public libraries that provide access to the Internet to either: use filtering software; purchase Internet service through a provider that provides filter services; or otherwise restrict minors' access to the Internet by local rule. Any school board member, officer or employee, including library personnel, who willfully neglects or refuses comply with this section shall be subject to the penalties (a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year) imposed pursuant to Section 162.091, RSMo. Any public school employee, public library employee, officer, or trustee; or Internet service provider who complies with the law shall not be liable if a minor gains access to pornographic material through the use of the school's computer (Section 182.825 & 182.827). These provisions are contained in CCS/SCS/HB 1402 (TAT) (2002).

This act also creates the crime of enticement of a child. A person commits the crime of enticement if he or she is at least twenty-one years old and persuades, solicits, coaxes, entices or lures any person who is less than fifteen years of age for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct. Attempting to entice a child is a Class D felony. Enticement of a child is a Class C felony unless a person has been found guilty of previous sexual offenses, then it is a Class B felony (Section 566.151).