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SCS/SB 1184 - This act requires further accountability of first responders and emergency medical technicians (EMT).

Current law defines "first responders" and requires them to complete a course. This act requires a first responder to display proof of completion of that course in plain view of clients of the emergency medical response agency for which the first responder works (Section 190.092).

Current law also outlines the licensure of EMTs. This act prohibits the representation of one's self as an EMT without a license and limits patient care to that which is consistent with training or ordered by a physician. This act provides for a Class C felony for violation of licensure requirements upon each offense. This act also provides for a Class A misdemeanor for any individual who employs a person who violates licensure requirements. In addition, this act adds a provision allowing patient care in an emergency situation providing pre-hospital care or during continued emergency care in a health care facility (Section 190.142).