Senator Cauthorn
Bills Sponsored

SB 0696 - Requires performance-based budgeting for state departments
SB 0697 - Creates more funding for textbooks and signing bonuses for rural schools
SB 0698 - Allows covenant marriages
SB 0737 - Allows 4-H members and parents of 4-H members to obtain special license plates
SB 0738 - Allows the Department of Transportation to contract with private individuals to mow and maintain the right-of-ways
SB 0823 - Exempts pension and retirement income of seniors from state income tax
SB 0824 - Exempts residential property owned by the elderly from certain increases in assessed valuation
SB 0837 - Revises several agricultural programs
SB 0866 - Allows tax credits for new generation cooperatives to be claimed against tax or quarterly estimated tax
SB 0867 - Allows Transportation Commission to enter into design-build contracts
SB 0868 - Eliminates the requirement that road projects be bid in sections not to exceed 10 miles
SB 0869 - Removes ability of Marion Co. circuit clerk to appoint Divi- sion I circuit clerk if office is separated from recorder
SB 0938 - Provides application and licensing requirements for carrying concealed weapons
SB 0948 - Requires disclosure of the transfer of human fetal parts for research purposes
SB 0990 - Creates "MO Qualified Biodiesel Producer Incentive Fund" to promote the production of Biodiesel fuel
SB 1017 - Expands transient guest tax to include Clark County
SB 1055 - Creates a grant program for the establishment of an umbilical cord blood bank
SB 1056 - Requires informed consent at least twenty-four hours before an abortion
SB 1057 - Limits a successor of asbestos-related liabilities of a domestic business corporation
SB 1073 - Allows credit for prior service for prosecuting or circuit attorneys serving as of August 28, 2002
SB 1095 - Creates the "Missouri Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Team" (MoSMART)
SB 1269 - Revises laws relating to contracts of farm equipment
SCR 044 - Urges Congress to authorize funding for modernization of lock and dam infrastructure
SCR 053 - Establishes a Joint Committee to analyze the child abuse and neglect hotline system
SCR 056 - Encourages the USDA Animal & Plant Inspection Service to develop a permanent electronic ID program for livestock
SJR 030 - Would allow school districts private school pupils transportation
SJR 038 - Would require the conservation sales tax to be resubmitted to the voters every four years
HB 1729 - Specifies the procedures for obtaining a concealed carry endorsement
HCR 006 - Recommends a condemnation of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and expresses the concerns of the House

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