Senator Schneider
Bills Sponsored

SB 0631 - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund
SB 0632 - Permits refund of overcollected sales taxes only if they are returned to the original purchasers
SB 0633 - Prohibits health carriers from changing conditions of their drug formulary during contract period
SB 0795 - Creates Emergency Communications Systems Fund for use of counties and allows certain board to set and collect fees
SB 0825 - Creates commission of administrative law judges of the Division of Workers Compensation
SB 0832 - Modifies workers' compensation and second injury fund provisions
SB 0833 - Requires certain departments to notify the Attorney General's office before entering into certain contracts
SB 0942 - Appeals of Public Service Commission orders shall go directly to the Court of Appeals
SB 0943 - Requires state to pay for secondary health insurance coverage for certain public officials over the age of 65
SB 1031 - Expands the duties of the administrative hearing commission
SB 1145 - Modifies the regulation and supervision of physician assistants
SB 1146 - Defines and regulates assisted living facilities in the state
SB 1190 - Exempts continuing care retirement communities from the certificate of need law
SCR 069 - Province of Villa Clara / Sister-state relationship with MO
SJR 022 - Revises term limits for members of the General Assembly
SR 0881 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 97
SR 1028 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 50
SR 1805 - Directs the Division of Design and Construction to restore the traditional seating arrangement to the Senate Chamber
SR 1812 - Urges the Missouri Bar Association to raise dues
HB 1432 - Modifies laws relating to emergency services
HB 1973 - Requires Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education to conduct a study relating to economics & personal finance ed.
HCR 005 - Urges the Governor to declare a week in September as "Deaf Awareness Week"

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