Journal of the Senate




The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

President Maxwell in the Chair.

The Reverend Keith Simon offered the following prayer:

Father God, a year ago today we were still in shock over the evil events that had transpired on September 11th. Today, this September 12th, we are still sobered by the reality of the human condition and human suffering. After a day of reflection and remembering those who so valiantly served their fellow citizens, I pray that these Missouri Senators would approach their work and responsibilities with the same attitude of service realizing that they do not serve themselves but all Missourians. They do not serve themselves but they serve You - the God who established government and who gave them their position. Father their task is not an easy one. Often it isn't clear what the right decision is. There is always pressure from the outside. I pray that You might give them wisdom and humility and courage. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

A quorum being established, the Senate proceeded with its business.

President Pro Tem Kinder assumed the Chair.

The Journal of the previous day was read and approved.

Photographers from KRCG-TV, the Associated Press and KOMU-TV were given permission to take pictures in the Senate Chamber today.

The following Senators were present during the day's proceedings:

Bentley Bland Caskey Cauthorn
Childers Coleman DePasco Dougherty
Foster Gibbons Goode Gross
House Jacob Johnson Kennedy
Kenney Kinder Klindt Loudon
Mathewson Quick Russell Schneider
Sims Singleton Staples Steelman
Stoll Westfall Wiggins Yeckel--32
Absent with leave--Senator Rohrbach--1

The Lieutenant Governor was present.


Senator Russell submitted the 2001-2002 Report of the Senate Interim Committee on Public Employee Collective Bargaining, copies of which are available in the office of the Secretary of Senate.


Senator Mathewson offered Senate Resolution No. 7, regarding the online catalog Quest at Donald C. Proctor Library at State Fair Community College, Sedalia, which was adopted.

Senator Gross offered Senate Resolution No. 8, regarding the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. James Tucker, St. Charles, which was adopted.

Senator Schneider offered Senate Resolution No. 9, regarding Father Sylvester Bauer, St. Louis, which was adopted.

Senator Kenney offered the following resolution, which was adopted:


WHEREAS, the General Assembly fully recognizes the importance of preparing our youth to become active and productive citizens through worthwhile governmental or citizenship projects; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly has a long tradition of rendering assistance to those organizations who sponsor these projects in the interest of our young people; and

WHEREAS, one clear example of such an organization is the Missouri YMCA, which has become widely recognized for its sponsorship of the Youth in Government program; and

WHEREAS, the Missouri YMCA Youth in Government program provides its participants with a unique insight into the day to day operation of our state government;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Missouri Senate that the Missouri YMCA be hereby granted permission to use the Senate Chamber for the purposes of its Youth in Government program during the period of November 23, 2002 from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and December 5 through December 7, 2002.

Senator Wiggins offered the following resolution, which was read and adopted:


WHEREAS, the members of the Missouri Senate are aware that the long and faithful service of Mr. Fred Dreiling as Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff to our colleague, the current Senator from the 10th District, Senator Harry Wiggins will end next January; and

WHEREAS, Fred Dreiling is a native of Kansas City, attended St. Thomas More Grade School, Rockhurst High School, and later enlivened the campus of the University of Missouri by his attendance there as a brilliant scholar and by his various student activities and especially his Fraternity leadership as a very active Phi Delta; and

WHEREAS, Fred Dreiling joined the Capitol Office of the 10th Senatorial District as Chief of Staff in 1993 and for 10 legislative sessions ran that office for his Senator with great efficiency, poise and competence while at the same time enriching the entire Senate by his engaging personality, his keen wit and charm and his ability to deal in perfect satisfaction, with all people, whoever they were, wherever they were from, all of whom left with the good feeling they had dealt with a warm and engaging young man who treated them like all people dream of being treated; and

WHEREAS, Fred Dreiling spent much time serving the Committees of the Senate on which his Senator served, particularly almost ten years as Staff Chief for the very important Senate Ways and Means Committee while Senator Wiggins served as Chairman, while at the same time Fred Dreiling found time to provide leadership for the Senate's extracurricular activities serving as Captain of various teams in softball, basketball, bowling and golf, and was a dynamic leader for the Senate as Chairman of the Hospitality booth for the Missouri Senate at the NCSL Convention in Milwaukee and as Co-Chair with Senator Wiggins and others of the Host Committee for the NCSL Convention in St. Louis the next year and finally as Chairman of Arrangements for the Convention of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws which the Missouri Senate hosted in Kansas City in 1995; and

WHEREAS, Fred Dreiling is the son of Dr. Ron Dreiling, DDS, and Mrs. D'Anne Purcell Dreiling and has four outstanding sisters and brothers, Maria, Michele, Ronnie and Tom:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Missouri Senate pause in their deliberations to salute Fred J. Dreiling not only for his outstanding service to Senator Harry Wiggins and the 10th Senate District but for his kindness and courtesy for 10 years to all the members of the Senate and the Senate Staff and extend to Fred Dreiling as he looks to the future very best wishes from the entire Senate for many long years continued success, good health, and happiness; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate be instructed to prepare properly inscribed copies of this resolution for Fred Dreiling, family and friends.

Senator Singleton assumed the Chair.

President Pro Tem Kinder assumed the Chair.


The following message was received from the House of Representatives through its Chief Clerk:

Mr. President: I am instructed by the House of Representatives to inform the Senate that the House has taken up and adopted HR 2.


BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives, that the Chief Clerk of the House inform the Senate that the House, having been duly convened as provided by Section 32, Article III of the Constitution, made no motions to override the Governor's vetoes on CCS for SCS for HCS for HB 1108, CCS for SCS for HCS for HB 1111, CCS for SCS for HCS for HB 1112, SCS for HB 1495, CCS for SS for HB 1748 and SCS for HB 1789, when the bills were called by the Speaker.


On behalf of Senator Kinder, the President introduced to the Senate, Rev. Keith Simon, and his children, Madeline and Nathan, Columbia; and Madeline and Nathan were made honorary pages.

Senator Kennedy introduced to the Senate, Chris J. Roberts, Sacramento, California; and Jane A. Thompson, Omaha, Nebraska.

Senator Westfall introduced to the Senate, his wife, Sharon, and their grandson, Cody Ray Westfall, Halfway; and Cody Ray was made an honorary page.

Senator Goode introduced to the Senate, Senator-elect Rita Days, St. Louis.

On motion of Senator Kenney, the Senate adjourned sine die pursuant to the Constitution.


Lieutenant Governor


Secretary of Senate