Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethic
Assigned Bills

HB 1154 - (Foley) Creates the Schools of the Future Fund and establishes various funding sources
HB 1717 - (Foley) Revises certificate of need law and enacts a review certification procedure for acute care facilities
HB 1877 - (Foley) Creates the Schools of the Future Fund and establishes various funding sources
HB 2078 - (Clayton) Repeals obsolete and expired sections of law
HCR 003 - (Hampton) Authorizes the Governor to approve a land annexation for the city of Licking
HCR 004 - (Boucher) Designates April 24th as a "Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide".
HCR 005 - (Reynolds) Urges the Governor to declare a week in September as "Deaf Awareness Week"
HCR 006 - (Jetton) Recommends a condemnation of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and expresses the concerns of the House
HCR 007 - (Boykins) Requests federal financial assistance for emergency preparedness for each state
HCR 011 - (Clayton) Supports improved flood protection, navigation, and projects to improve environmental quality
HCR 013 - (Bowman) Urges Congress to pass the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families reauthorization legislation.
HCR 015 - (O'Toole) Urges Congress to enact federal legislation to protect employee retirement savings programs
HCR 016 - (Farnen) Requests the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress to approve the replacement of the statue of Francis Preston
HCR 018 - (Wilson) Requests the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to impanel teachers to address various curriculum
HCR 020 - (Crump) Designates an area in eastern mid-Missouri as the "Arcadia Valley"
HCR 021 - (Boucher) Urges the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide certain National Guard veterans with active-duty benefits
HCR 024 - (Kreider) Approves funding for an agricultural research and demonstration center for the CMSU campus
HCR 025 - (Merideth III) Creates the Missouri Commission on the Delta Regional Authority.
HCR 028 - (Willoughby) Establishes a Joint Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment.
HCR 034 - (Wilson) Approves the Curators of the University of Missouri to enter into a ground lease for the purpose of construction
HCR 040 - (Walton) Creates a Joint Interim Committee on After-School Programs.
SB 1118 Loudon - Prohibits elected and appointed officials from appearing in televised commercials or advertisements paid by state funds
SB 1248 Mathewson - Modifies various provisions related to collection and refund procedures of sales and income taxes
SCR 035 Stoll - Relating to Medicare reimbursements
SCR 036 Bentley - Continuation of the Joint Interim Committee on Education Funding
SCR 037 Dougherty - Relating to the availability of oral cancer medications on the federal level
SCR 038 Klarich - Relating to Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
SCR 039 Caskey - Recognizing the Northern Cherokee Indian People of Missouri
SCR 040 Sims - Urges the Governor to appoint a task force to develop plans that will help keep the Ford-Hazelwood Plant open
SCR 041 Rohrbach - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on Primary Care Workplace Adequacy
SCR 042 Klindt - Urges the General Assembly to designate "Menfro soil" as the official state soil of Missouri
SCR 043 Loudon - Requests the state of Illinois to enact legislation that requires parental consent to obtain an abortion
SCR 044 Cauthorn - Urges Congress to authorize funding for modernization of lock and dam infrastructure
SCR 045 Gross - Relating to student prayer in schools
SCR 046 Dougherty - Relating to the TANF Reauthorization Act of 2001
SCR 047 Childers - Creates the Poultry Industry Committee to study the impact of the poultry industry on the state environment and economy
SCR 048 Sims - Opposes the increase in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)
SCR 049 Rohrbach - Authorizes the Revisor of Statutes to print and bind copies of the session laws with indexing
SCR 050 Bentley - Relating to proposed budget cuts to the Division of Tourism
SCR 051 Mathewson - Relating to the Missouri Veterans' Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
SCR 052 Kennedy - Relating to Customs Harmonization Pilot Project
SCR 053 Cauthorn - Establishes a Joint Committee to analyze the child abuse and neglect hotline system
SCR 054 Sims - Relating to March as Women's History Month
SCR 055 Steelman - Proclaims the city of Cuba as "Route 66 City of Murals"
SCR 056 Cauthorn - Encourages the USDA Animal & Plant Inspection Service to develop a permanent electronic ID program for livestock
SCR 057 Steelman - Establishes the Joint Legislative Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment
SCR 058 Klarich - Disapproves Rule 20 CSR 5006.700 and requires the Dept. of Insurance to promulgate rules regarding reimbursement of MCO
SCR 059 Steelman - Urges Major League Baseball & its Players to address serious problems existing within professional baseball
SCR 060 Kennedy - Relates to information technology
SCR 061 Mathewson - Relating to the Budget Reserve Fund
SCR 062 Mathewson - Relating to the Master Settlement Agreement
SCR 063 Bland - Establishes the Laugh-O-Gram Studio Building in Kansas City as a state historical site
SCR 064 Caskey - School districts to implement comprehensive vision screening to be performed on kindergarten children
SCR 065 Loudon - Urges Congress to provide for a limited backstop for insurance against terrorism
SCR 066 Loudon - Relating to a comprehensive study of pathological or serious problem gambling issues
SCR 067 Caskey - Relating to direct broadcast satellite services
SCR 068 Mathewson - Relating to state employee health insurance coverage
SCR 069 Schneider - Province of Villa Clara / Sister-state relationship with MO
SCR 070 Singleton - Relating to an increase in the tax upon the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products
SCR 071 Singleton - Relating to a state employee pay raise
SCR 072 Bland - Establishes a planning commission for the Kansas City School District
SCR 073 Bland - After school activities & summer programs for Public School Systems
SCR 074 Childers - Renames the conference center at Roaring River State Park the Emory Melton Inn and Conference Center
SCR 075 Singleton - Urges the Governor to name the month of May as "Hispanic Cultural Month"
SCR 076 Mathewson - Relating to the legislative expenditures
SJR 023 Singleton - Provides for joint election of candidates for Lt. Governor and Governor
SR 0865 Staples - Relating to the Senate Chamber
SR 1023 Caskey - Req. Senate Com. on Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics to conduct a hearing on financial interest of cert. staff
SR 1054 Singleton - Changes Rule 28 subsection 19 - Committee on State Budget Control
SR 1109 Caskey - Urges Congress to fully fund literacy programs as provided by "Reading First" legislation
SR 1122 Klindt - Relating to federal government proposals that would negatively impact the lower Missouri & Mississippi Rivers
SR 1552 Loudon - Discourages events that are dangerous to the public health and welfare
SR 1583 Klindt - Relates to Senate procedures on Appropriations bills
SR 1624 Klarich - Relating to naming a permanent Senate Administrator
SR 1712 Caskey - Urges the McDonald's Corporation to exclusively utilize the US Beef Industry and use only 100% American beef
SR 1719 Gross - Establishes the Select Committee on the Regional Control of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
SRB1236 Rohrbach - Repeals obsolete and expired sections of law

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