Financial and Governmental Organization,
Assigned Bills

HB 1032 - (Portwood) Requires one member of the State Board of Health to be a chiropractor
HB 1086 - (Harlan) Requires confidentiality concerning information of participants in MO Higher Education Savings Program
HB 1265 - (Gratz) Requires selective service registration of all male driver's license applicants eighteen to twenty-one years of age
HB 1306 - (Williams (121)) Creates the Missouri Multicultural Center and Program within the Office of Lieutenant Governor
HB 1313 - (Burton) Modifies provisions relating to the licensure of physical therapists
HB 1342 - (Farnen) Provides that no election must be held for party committee- man or woman if only one person files prior to the deadline
HB 1375 - (Luetkenhaus) Mortgages may be insured in an amount not to exceed 103% of fair market value of property
HB 1398 - (Ward) Revises the World War II medallion program
HB 1399 - (Ransdall) Modifies the deadline for filing applications for World War II medals from January 1, 2002 to July 1, 2003
HB 1425 - (Smith (011)) Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information
HB 1451 - (Kreider) Adds the speaker of the House and the president pro tem of the Senate to the board of public buildings
HB 1461 - (Seigfreid) Revises election and campaign finance laws
HB 1492 - (Seigfreid) Changes campaign finance disclosure report deadlines
HB 1495 - (Seigfreid) Changes filing exemption statement requirements
HB 1519 - (Boucher) Designates April 19th of each year as "Patriots Day"
HB 1581 - (Clayton) Allows the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol to authorize officers to accept federal commissions
HB 1594 - (Gratz) Revises provisions relating to state employees' pay
HB 1600 - (Treadway) Alters provisions regarding accountants, the executive board of nursing, and placards in pool halls
HB 1636 - (Hoppe) Allows Kansas City to designate Jackson County election authority as verification board for the city
HB 1668 - (Holt) Establishes September 11th of each year as Emergency Personnel Appreciation Day
HB 1679 - (Crump) Modifies regulation of horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering
HB 1689 - (Treadway) Modifies numerous provisions relating to professional licensing
HB 1762 - (Harding) Makes it an unlawful practice to disclose more than the last five digits of a credit card or debit card on sales receipts
HB 1776 - (Harlan) Relocates custody of the Statutory County Recorder's Fund and limits fees for processing certain adoption documents
HB 1803 - (Green) Requires certain members of the Credit Union Commission to be credit union representatives.
HB 1822 - (Walton) Employees charged military leave only for hours which they would have otherwise worked, in one hour increments
HB 1840 - (Seigfreid) Establishes an electronic reporting system for lobbyist reports
HB 1881 - (Rizzo) Department of Revenue may require aliens to provide a birth certificate when applying for a driver's license
HB 1921 - (Green) Modifies provisions related to credit unions
HB 1937 - (Barry) Modifies provisions for the licensure of clinical perfusionists
HB 2001 - (Hegeman) Allows the dental board to enter into diversion agreements with licensees in lieu of formal disciplinary action
HB 2087 - (Whorton) Allows energy cost savings contracts
HB 2117 - (Boucher) Modifies the provisions regarding access to information technology by state departments and agencies
SB 0654 Rohrbach - Prohibits private prisons or jails
SB 0665 Kenney - Regulates Internet access for minors in public libraries and schools and creates RCFL and crime of enticement of a child
SB 0672 Childers - Creates a Legislative Academy within the General Assembly
SB 0675 Yeckel - Revises election laws
SB 0676 Yeckel - Modifies the WW2 medallion program and funding to the Veterans' Commission Capital Improvement Trust Fund
SB 0685 Steelman - Revises the Sunshine Law
SB 0690 Gross - Adds the Chief Information Officer to the State Records Commission
SB 0696 Cauthorn - Requires performance-based budgeting for state departments
SB 0709 Goode - Revises the Sunshine Law
SB 0717 House - Regulates contracts for services formerly delivered by public bodies
SB 0726 Childers - September 11th is Emergency Services Day
SB 0728 Yeckel - Revises laws pertaining to mortgage brokers
SB 0729 Yeckel - Mortgages may be insured in an amount not to exceed 103% of fair market value of the property
SB 0749 Goode - Specifies the effective dates for laws passed by initiative and vetoed bills when veto is overridden
SB 0760 Yeckel - Fire district board members may be recalled for misconduct in office or criminal convictions
SB 0766 Steelman - Regulates inaugural and congressional reapportionment committees and provisions of campaign finance disclosure law
SB 0776 House - Personally identifiable information of participants in the Higher Education Savings Program shall be confidential
SB 0779 Yeckel - Makes several changes to the Sunshine Law governing meetings and records of public entities
SB 0799 Westfall - Includes departments of Agriculture, Economic Development and Revenue in merit system
SB 0812 Russell - Requires all executive orders to be published in the Missouri Register after January 1, 2003
SB 0831 Loudon - Establishes December 15th as Bill of Rights Day
SB 0839 Goode - Prohibits certain predatory lending practices with respect to home loans
SB 0848 Singleton - Allows refusal, suspension or revocation of certain professional licenses due to student loan defaults
SB 0884 DePasco - Creates new restrictions on interest that can be charged in payday loans
SB 0895 Yeckel - Amends various provisions related to financial institutions
SB 0896 Yeckel - Permits temporary practice of foreign CPAs in this state
SB 0903 Klindt - Increases the membership of the Northwest Missouri State University's Board of Regents from seven to nine
SB 0905 Klindt - Modifies state budgeting process
SB 0918 Klarich - Exempts displays of the U.S. flag from statutes and ordinances
SB 0933 Yeckel - Regulates the licensing of amusement machine operators
SB 0940 Wiggins - Creates new restrictions on payday loans
SB 0945 Stoll - Extends the World War II medallion program from January 1, 2002, to July 1, 2003
SB 0962 Wiggins - Allows Kansas City to designate Jackson county election authority as verification board for the city
SB 0977 Quick - Would create a $150,000 death benefit for public safety officers killed in the line of duty
SB 1007 Stoll - Changes name of the MO Board of Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors & Landscape Architect
SB 1010 Sims - Modifies regulation of horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering
SB 1028 Russell - Revises process for creation of law enforcement districts
SB 1030 Kennedy - Changes the custodian of the Statutory County Recorder's Fund
SB 1035 Yeckel - Revises laws related to lobbyists, the Missouri Ethics Commission and campaign finance disclosure
SB 1038 DePasco - Prohibits the state from engaging in electronic commerce services which duplicate or compete with the private sector
SB 1048 Kenney - Makes a technical correction to section 304.027 regarding the spinal cord injury fund
SB 1066 Klindt - Allows certification programs for corrections officers
SB 1078 Kennedy - Changes the custodian of the Statutory County Recorder's Fund
SB 1079 Bland - Lowers the maximum penalties consumers must pay for late payments on certain credit transactions
SB 1080 Bland - Creates a braider classification requiring licensing by the Board of Cosmetology
SB 1085 Yeckel - Creates a State Board of Naturopathic Medicine
SB 1088 Foster - Creates State Board of Auctioneers to oversee licensing of persons engaged in practice of auctioneering
SB 1101 Kenney - Revises state treasurer investment policies and creates local government investment pool
SB 1106 Klarich - Modifies provisions related to inspection of credit unions and terms of office for credit union commission members
SB 1109 Yeckel - Requires department of revenue to issue information regarding driving while intoxicated to 1st time licensees
SB 1114 Singleton - Provides for the joint election of governor & lt. governor
SB 1120 Yeckel - Regulates committees organized to influence congressional apportionment
SB 1121 Yeckel - Revises certain campaign finance requirements
SB 1143 Jacob - Modifies state auditor duties regarding bonds
SB 1148 Yeckel - Creates the state property preservation fund
SB 1159 Rohrbach - Revises leave time and compensation policies for correction officers
SB 1161 Rohrbach - Requires the department of corrections to formulate two new corrections officer classifications
SB 1166 DePasco - Creates the Missouri Chimney Safety Act
SB 1171 House - Prohibits the disclosure of nonpublic health information
SB 1187 Kennedy - Creates licensure requirements for private investigators
SB 1205 Yeckel - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between agencies and small businesses
SB 1218 Coleman - Modifies time for election authority to complete verification of initiative or referendum petition signatures
SB 1221 Stoll - Creates the Missouri Sunset Act
SB 1222 Jacob - Creates the "Video Gaming Machine Network" to generate revenue for higher education
SB 1255 Steelman - Revises process for addressing issues in public construction contracts
SB 1260 Loudon - Requires the office of administration to include certain products in the cafeteria plan for state employees
SB 1262 Kenney - Allows certification or licensure of the practice of naturopathic medicine
SB 1267 Westfall - Allows contracts involving multiple political subdivisions located in 3 or more counties to be filed with Sec. of state
SB 1271 Klindt - Bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness issued by any housing authority shall be sold at public sale

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