WHEREAS, the Menfro soil series was established in Missouri in Perry County and is named for the town of Menfro where it was first described and mapped. Menfro soils are very deep, well-drained soils formed in layers of silt loam and silty clay loam; and

WHEREAS, over a million acres of Missouri soil in more than forty counties have been identified as Menfro soil. The Menfro soil series consists of soils formed on wooded upland slopes along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and their major tributaries; and

WHEREAS, the current State Capitol, Governor's Mansion, the original State Capitol in St. Charles, the Daniel Boone burial site, and much of the upland areas of Kansas City, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Hermann, Hannibal, and Cape Girardeau are located on Menfro soil; and

WHEREAS, the major land uses of Menfro soils are agriculture and woodland productivity. The main agricultural enterprises grown on Menfro soil are feed grains and forages for livestock, grape vineyards, orchards, and other fruit and vegetable crops; and

WHEREAS, in appreciation for this resource and its value in our economy and environment, the state of Missouri should publicly recognize the importance of soils to our state and encourage educators and other science professionals to teach about soil as a natural resource:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Senate of the Ninety-first General Assembly, Second Regular Session, the House of Representatives concurring therein, hereby designate "Menfro soil" as the official state soil of Missouri.

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