Notice of Proposed Rule Change

Notice is hereby given by the Senator from the Fourteenth District of the one day's notice pursuant to rule 97 of intent to put a motion to adopt the following rule change:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Ninety-First General Assembly, Second Regular Session, that the temporary rules be amended to read as follows:

"Rule 97. No standing rule or order of the senate shall be rescinded or changed without one day's notice being given of the motion thereof, which notice shall be printed in the journal of the senate, and then only by a vote of at least a majority of the senators elected; except that any rule, including this rule, may be suspended for a special purpose, stated in the motion to suspend, by a vote of a two-thirds majority of the members elected to the senate, and such rule shall remain suspended only until the senate proceeds to the consideration of business other than that for which the rule was suspended. Upon one day's notice of the proposed rule change having been given, the senate resolution adopting such rule change shall not be assigned to a committee without consent of the sponsoring senator and shall be considered by the senate as a special order of business any day thereafter upon motion of the sponsor.".

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