SB 0933 Regulates the licensing of amusement machine operators
LR Number:3800S.01I Fiscal Note:3800-01
Committee:Financial and Governmental Organization
Last Action:02/21/02 - Voted Do Pass S Financial & Government Organizations, Journal page:
Veterans' Affairs & Elections Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 2002
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Current Bill Summary

SB 933 - This act requires amusement machine operators to obtain licenses from the Director of the Division of Professional Registration within the Department of Economic Development. Fees to obtain a license to operate amusement machines will be set by the Director at no more than $1,500 for a 2-year license. License fees to operate amusement machines used specifically at carnivals, local or county fairs, or at the state fair will be set by the director. Persons operating amusement machines without a license will be fined $100 for each machine found in their possession.

The act outlines the qualifications for an amusement machine operator license. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a Missouri resident for at least one year, and provide proof that they have paid Missouri sales tax on all previous business transactions conducted in this state. The residency requirement does not apply to operators of amusement machines at carnivals, circuses, local or county fairs, or at the state fair.

The rewards from amusement machines are defined as non-cash prizes, toys, items of merchandise, novelties, or a representation of value (tickets, coupons) redeemable for these items on the premises where the machine is played. The value of the award is limited to the greater of the cost of a single play or the wholesale value of five dollars. The rewards shall not be cash, gift certificates, alcohol or tobacco products.

The Director will require all licensed amusement machine operators to prominently display on their machines decals which will contain the license number of the operator and any other information deemed necessary by the Director.

The act further authorizes the Director to make rules; issue warnings and probation; assess penalties; suspend and revoke licenses; prescribe forms, applications, and licenses; and conduct examinations.

The act allows any aggrieved party to appeal to the Administrative Hearing Commission.

The act creates within the Department the Amusement Machine Operator License Fund. All moneys collected will be deposited within the fund for the purpose of paying expenditures incurred by the Department.