SB 0851 Modifies various regulations regarding billboards
LR Number:3067S.02I Fiscal Note:3067-02
Last Action:02/05/02 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee Journal page:
Title:SCS SB 851
Effective Date:Emergency Clause
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 851 - This act makes various changes to Missouri's billboard law.

COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL LAW - Current state law applies to federal primaries and interstates and does not specifically cover former primary or interstate highways. Federal law now specifically requires states to regulate any federal aid primary or interstate or highway which was a federal aid primary or interstate as of June 1, 1991 (section 226.540).

LIGHTING REGULATIONS - This act updates specifically allows Tri- vision, projection and changeable message signs to be subject to MoDOT lighting regulations.

CUTOUTS, EXTENSION, AND STACKING - This act allows cutouts and extensions on nonconforming signs and makes existing stacked signs legal nonconforming (section 226.540(2)(a)).

ZONED AREAS - This act requires that commercially zoned areas have a commercial business within 600 feet before outdoor advertising is permitted (section 226.540(6)). This act requires businesses to have the presence of an owner or employee on the premises for at least 20 hours per week to be considered a valid business when determining whether a property is commercial or industrial.

PERMIT FEES - This act increases original permit fee to erect a billboard from $28.50 to $200 and increases biennial inspection fees to $50 on August 28, 2002, $75 on August 28, 2003, and $100 on August 28, 2004. This act also encourages the commission to adopt a renewal system in which all permits of a particular highway are renewed in the same month.

REMOVAL OF BILLBOARDS - This act allows for the non-compensated removal of billboards for failing to pay fees over 12 months (section 226.580). This act increases the amount of time to cure a billboard violation from 30 to 60 days and requires actual notice of a violation before the Department of Transportation can remove a sign.

VEGETATION PERMITS - This act requires vegetation permits to be issued according to current MoDOT rules and regulations. The act also allows certain utility companies to remove and trim vegetation without a permit.

This act contains an emergency clause for certain sections.

This act is similar to SB 247 (2001).