SB 1245 Prohibits new construction of billboards along certain highways and the cutting of trees along the highways
LR Number:3529S.01I Fiscal Note:3529-01
Last Action:03/05/02 - Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee Journal page:S447
Effective Date:August 28, 2002
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Current Bill Summary

SB 1245 - This act makes several changes to Missouri's law regarding outdoor advertising.

LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL - This act expands the rights of local governments to regulate, through local zoning, signs 660 feet within the right of way of interstates and the primary system (Section 226.527).

ELIMINATION OF TREES AND VEGETATION - This act stops the current policy of allowing billboard companies to eliminate trees on public highway right of ways to improve billboard visibility. Trees and other vegetation, under the petition may only be removed or trimmed to improve aesthetics or to eliminate safety hazards (Section 226.585).

HALTING OF NEW BILLBOARD CONSTRUCTION - This act stops new billboard construction adjacent to interstate and primary highways after August 28, 2002. However, on-site and official traveler information/tourist and landmark signs would not be affected under the act. Billboards adjacent to such highways existing on August 28, 2002, shall be treated as nonconforming signs (Section 226.595).