SB 1237 Establishes the "Missouri Statewide Initiative for Scientific Education Enhancement" (MOSISE)
LR Number:4955S.01I Fiscal Note:4955-01
Last Action:03/13/02 - Hearing Conducted S Education Committee Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2002
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Current Bill Summary

SB 1237 - This act establishes the "Missouri Statewide Initiative for Scientific Education Enhancement" (MOSISE2) program, with the stated goal of encouraging and supporting science enrichment opportunities for gifted and talented elementary and secondary students in Missouri. The MOSISE2 curriculum may be developed by the coordinating board of higher education.

The participating universities that provide MOSISE2 programs may: conduct programs, seminars, and classes for gifted and talented students within or without the boundaries of any school district and, for that purpose, employ instructors, supervisors, and other personnel and provide necessary equipment and supplies; and transport, or arrange for transportation of, students to or from educational institutions where regularly scheduled programs and classes are being conducted.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will plan, develop, and provide a request for proposals (RFP) structure for two-year and four- year colleges and universities and other scientific research institutions in the State of Missouri to develop programs through a competitive proposal process. The Department shall assemble a twelve-member review panel of experts to review and judge the RFPs. An application shall be approved by the panel for a period of one, two, three or five years, or denied, based on the quality of the plan, in accordance with criteria adopted by the panel. Those criteria shall be reviewed by the twelve-member review panel at least once every three years.

The Commissioner of Education shall: apportion funds to each participating university; assist participating universities, upon their request, to design, implement, and evaluate MOSISE2 programs; ensure the proper expenditure of MOSISE2 funds; encourage the development of locally designed, innovative programs for gifted and talented students; assist school districts in the development and implementation of staff development programs related to gifted and talented students; and encourage the development of procedures that assure the ongoing participation of parents of gifted and talented students in the planning and evaluation of MOSISE2 funded programs.

A participating university shall be entitled to state aid for participating students who take part in a program. Attendance of participating students at these programs, seminars, and classes shall be included in computing the average daily attendance of a school district for the purposes of apportionments from the state public school fund. Participation in the MOSISE programs may be included as part of a school district's career development and teacher excellence plan.

Program funding will be a shared responsibility between the participating universities and this state. The participating universities will provide a match of one dollar for every two dollars provided by the state.