SB 1220 Requires criminal history check for certain persons related to the gaming industry, & state gaming & lottery commissions
LR Number:4736S.02P Fiscal Note:4736-02
Committee:Pensions and General Laws
Last Action:05/17/02 - In Conference Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2002
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HS/SB 1220 - The act requires the Gaming Commission to do a criminal history check, if the Commission feels it is warranted, on certain key persons seeking issuance or renewal of a bingo equipment and supplies manufacturer or supplier license. The Gaming Commission must also do a criminal history check, if the Commission feels it is warranted, on any person seeking employment with the commission and any person seeking the issuance or renewal of an excursion gambling boat license.

The State Lottery Commission must do a criminal history check on the following persons: any person seeking employment with the Commission and any person seeking a contract or renewal of a contract with the Commission. The Commission shall perform a background check any person seeking the issuance or renewal of a lottery retailer license but shall only conduct a fingerprint check when there is a reasonable basis for doing so.

This act revises the law on simulcasting of horse races, allowing licensees to conduct wagering on unlimited simulcasts. Simulcasting is currently allowed only for the same number of days as live racing is conducted at a track.

The act specifies that the Missouri Horse Racing Commission shall consist of five members, appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. No more than three members may be affiliated with the same political party, and they must come from different congressional districts and counties. The Commission shall be assigned to the Department of Public Safety and may hire an executive director and other employees as necessary. The Commission shall have numerous duties regarding applicants and licensees, including investigating their qualifications, denying applications, adopting standards of conduct and requiring licensees to remove certain persons from the race meeting grounds. The Commission shall also have the power to search and investigate race meeting grounds and offices without a search warrant to determine compliance.

An applicant must affirm that it will make a capital investment exceeding $10 million within the first forty-two months of licensure, and that it will conduct twenty days of live racing within the first eighteen months, thirty days of live racing during the next twelve months and fifty days of racing each year thereafter.

The act provides that revenue generated shall be deposited in the Missouri Horse Racing Fund which shall pay all commission expenses. Any surplus shall be credited to state school moneys fund.

The act provides that only persons 21 years and older may place wagers on horse races.

At least 25% of the aggregate dollar amount of all contracts to provide goods and services to the commission shall be awarded to minority business enterprises.