SB 0843 Allows a landlord to have a security interest in abandoned manufactured homes for unpaid rent and revises procedures
01/09/02S First Read S53
01/17/02Second Read and Referred S Insurance & Housing S113
01/22/02Hearing Conducted S Insurance & Housing Committee
02/19/02SCS Voted Do Pass (SCS SBs 843 & 658) S Insurance &
Housing Committee (3266S.03C)
02/25/02Reported From S Insurance & Housing Committee to S354
Floor w/SCS
03/18/02SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Stoll) (3266S.05F) S588
03/18/02Perfected S588
03/19/02Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S603
03/20/02S Third Read and Passed S617-618
03/20/02H First Read H726
03/21/02H Second Read H736
04/22/02Referred H Civil & Administrative Law Committee
04/24/02Hearing Scheduled But Not Heard H Civil &
Administrative Law Committee
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