SB 0795 Creates Emergency Communications Systems Fund for use of counties and allows certain board to set and collect fees
01/09/02S First Read S50
01/16/02Second Read and Referred S Local Government & S103
Economic Development Committee
02/05/02Hearing Conducted S Local Government & Economic
Development Committee-Consent
02/25/02Voted Do Pass (w/SCA 1) S Local Government & Economic
Development Committee-Consent (2945S01.01S)
02/26/02Reported From S Local Government & Economic S374
Development Committee to Floor w/SCA 1 - Consent
03/14/02SCA 1 S adopted S552
03/14/02S Third Read and Passed, as amended - Consent S552
03/18/02H First Read H632
03/19/02H Second Read H668
04/05/02Referred H Miscellaneous Bills Committee H977
04/08/02Re-Referred H Professional Registration & Licensing H996
04/09/02Hearing Conducted H Professional Registration &
Licensing Committee
04/11/02HCS Voted Do Pass H Professional Registration &
Licensing Committee - Consent
04/11/02HCS Reported Do Pass H Professional Registration & H1083
Licensing Committee - Consent
04/24/02HCS H Adopted H1330
04/24/02H Third Read and Passed - Consent H1330/S987
05/06/02S refused to concur in HCS S1248H1663
05/06/02S requested H recede or grant conference S1248H1663
05/07/02H refused to recede & granted conference H1680S1290
05/07/02S conferees appointed S1291H1777
05/07/02(Schneider, Goode, Klarich, Steelman, Gibbons)
05/08/02H conferees appointed H1743S1337
05/08/02(Treadway, Shoemyer, Hampton, Portwood, Behnen)
05/09/02CCR/CCS S offered (Schneider) S1455-1456
05/09/02Motion to adopt CCR S withdrawn S1456
05/14/02CCR#2/CCS#2 S offered & adopted (2945S.10S) S1613
05/14/02S Third Read and Passed S1613H2081
05/15/02CCR#2/CCS#2 H offered & adopted H2168
05/15/02H Third Read and Passed H2169
05/15/02Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S1697
05/28/02Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1858
05/28/02Signed by Senate President S1860
05/28/02Signed by House Speaker H2398
05/28/02Delivered to Governor S1861
07/12/02Signed by Governor
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