SB 1014 Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
01/24/02S First Read S149
01/31/02Second Read and Referred S Interstate Cooperation S193
02/06/02Hearing Conducted S Interstate Cooperation Committee
02/18/02Voted Do Pass S Interstate Cooperation Comm.-Consent
02/18/02Reported From S Interstate Cooperation Committee to S299
Floor - Consent
02/21/02Removed from S Consent Calendar S337
03/05/02Reported From S Interstate Cooperation Committee to S446
04/17/02Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S875
04/18/02Perfected S895-896
04/22/02Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S910
04/23/02S Third Read and Passed S932
04/23/02H First Read H1288
04/24/02H Second Read H1296
05/07/02Referred H Judiciary Committee H1715
05/09/02Hearing Conducted H Judiciary Committee
05/09/02Voted Do Pass H Judiciary Committee
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