Senator Schneider
Bills Co-Sponsored

SB 0648 - Allows all counties and St. Louis City to opt out of property tax levy inflation adjustments
SB 0830 - Allows adopted persons over age 50 to obtain their original birth certificate
SB 0839 - Prohibits certain predatory lending practices with respect to home loans
SB 0911 - Allows retainage in private building contracts
SB 0940 - Creates new restrictions on payday loans
SB 0944 - Increases sales tax by one quarter percent and puts a surcharge on corporate income to fund education
SB 0980 - Revises reciprocal licensing procedures for physical therapists
SB 1020 - Allows a taxpayer to claim a portion of the federal earned income tax credit against their state tax liability
SB 1074 - Increases the cigarette and tobacco products tax
SB 1167 - Allows fire protection districts to be reimbursed for emergency services in municipal redevelopment areas

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