Senator Kinder
Bills Sponsored

SB 0032 - Provides funds for education of hearing-impaired children not attending the Missouri School for the Deaf
SB 0033 - Public colleges and universities must certify proficiency of teaching faculty in written and spoken English
SB 0034 - Requires physicians who perform abortions to inform women of the link between abortion and breast cancer
SB 0088 - Mandates ethanol phase-in in certain metropolitan areas and allows other areas to adopt ethanol phase-in programs
SB 0089 - Creates and amends crimes relating to controlled substances and anhydrous ammonia
SB 0090 - Imposes minimum prison terms for manufacturers of methamphetamine
SB 0122 - Limits state agency contracts for legal services
SB 0123 - Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for sale or marketing to public
SB 0124 - Allows community notification regarding registered sex offenders, based on assessment of danger
SB 0220 - Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
SB 0251 - Requires that redistricting for Congress and the General Assembly be based upon actual population counts
SB 0334 - Establishes sales tax holiday and requires retailers to return sales tax refunds to those paying the tax
SB 0335 - Establishes audit privileges for voluntary internal environmental audits
SB 0433 - Revises dram shop liability
SB 0454 - Establishes the Missouri Tobacco Settlement Attorney Compensation Act
SB 0455 - Revises laws relating to electric utilities
SB 0517 - Sets aside lapsed funds for possible distribution to taxpayers
SB 0576 - Authorizes state tax credit for contributions to authorized scholarship charities
SCR 001 - Establishes a joint committee to participate in the inauguration of state officials
SCR 020 - Relating to the trucking industry
SR 0120 - Revises rules of the Missouri Senate
SR 0151 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 25
SR 0346 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 28
HB 0249 - Requires licenses for amusement machine operators
HB 0421 - Revises dram shop liability

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