Senator Steelman
Bills Sponsored

SB 0059 - Creates the "Adoption Awareness Law" to promote adoption as an alternative to abortion
SB 0060 - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the provision of in-home services to the elderly
SB 0061 - Authorizes countywide education sales taxes
SB 0106 - Creates a pharmaceutical assistance program for qualified senior citizens
SB 0107 - This act makes the Department of Conservation liable for all damages resulting from reintroduction of elk
SB 0108 - Creates MO Engineering and Science Academy and summer program for science teachers
SB 0133 - University of Missouri-Rolla may sponsor charter schools
SB 0264 - Division of benefits in divorce may begin on agreed upon date
SB 0283 - Requires Missouri television stations to provide captioning of news, sports and weather
SB 0284 - Revises treatment of American sign language in higher education institutions
SB 0285 - Requires insurers to provide coverage for hearing exams, hearing aids and other hearing devices and services
SB 0293 - Creates Advisory Committee for Electronic Commerce
SB 0294 - Commissioners of the family court must be elected except where the nonpartisan court plan is used
SB 0309 - Prohibits sealing of civil court records, with limited exceptions
SB 0314 - Mandates time limitations for custody decisions
SB 0355 - Extends unlawful merchandising practices law to those regulated by Dept. of Insurance and Div. of Credit Unions
SB 0365 - Authorizes certain political subdivisions to impose a sales tax for specific purposes
SB 0367 - Prohibits health carriers from requiring providers to use hospitalists and use all of the carrier's services
SB 0369 - Allows political subdivisions to require permits for public utility right-of-way use
SB 0374 - Establishes a program of air pollution emissions banking and trading
SB 0375 - Revises the Sunshine Law
SB 0422 - Extends the fee collection period for the State Emergency Management Agency
SB 0602 - Expands list of donees for state surplus property
SB 0616 - Requires school districts to provide phonics instruction
SB 0617 - Modifies current tax incentives for community economic development
SCR 017 - Relating to Environmental Protection Agency standards for ozone pollution
SCR 029 - Relating to the Highway patrol Oversight Commission
SJR 008 - Presents dual questions regarding tobacco settlement funds
SR 0280 - Supports efforts to extend the statute of limiations for lawsuits involving vaccine-related injuries
HB 0453 - Modifies various provisions relating to commerce
HB 0501 - Increases the authorization for water pollution bonds; changes sewer district provisions for certain districts
HB 0617 - Reallocates unused income tax credits for community improvement

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