Senator Gibbons
Bills Sponsored

SB 0065 - Terminates the corporation franchise tax law
SB 0066 - Protects a parent from liability for relinquishing custody of a newborn to a hospital
SB 0372 - Allows abatement and prospective application of taxes in certain situations
SB 0373 - Changes tax credits for investment in small businesses and distressed communities
SB 0439 - Increases firearm crime penalties; creates Project Exile
SB 0511 - Revises the Animal Care Facilities Act
SB 0562 - Allows a tax credit for county vehicle property taxes paid
SB 0563 - Removes requirement of notarization of tax refund claims
SB 0566 - Exempts state departments from sales tax for purposes of facilities construction, repair and remodeling
SB 0613 - Allows state surplus property to be distributed to organizations that assist veterans
SB 0620 - Allows participation in multistate cooperative agreement for sales & use tax administration
SB 0621 - Shifts burden of proof on tax credit disputes to Dept. of Revenue
SJR 014 - Abolishes the Transportation Commission and replaces it with an appointed director in the Missouri Constitution
HB 0590 - The directors of the departments of economic development and revenue shall jointly administer the ADA tax credit
HB 0816 - Replaces oath requirement with signature requirement for making claim for certain tax refunds
HB 0933 - Clarifies that sales tax applies to sale and lease of motor vehicles and motorcycles

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