Senator Loudon
Bills Sponsored

SB 0070 - Prohibits certain fraudulent use of the Internet
SB 0071 - Provides immunity from liability for public entities for certain sporting-type injuries
SB 0072 - Allows electronic storage of business and public records
SB 0112 - Prohibits ticket scalping for entertainment events
SB 0113 - Defines proper venues for credit card fraud crimes
SB 0114 - Deems a positive test for controlled substances misconduct connected with work
SB 0134 - Requires full funding of categorical programs prior to over- funding of state aid formula
SB 0182 - Requires run-off elections when no candidate receives more than fifty percent of the votes in certain contests
SB 0185 - Revises the process for the registration of historic motor vehicles
SB 0425 - Establishes December 15 as Bill of Rights Day
SB 0426 - Expands authority of courts to set aside past convictions and expunge criminal records
SB 0427 - Modifies selection of members of boards of election commissioners
SB 0428 - Establishes standard for vicarious liability of employer for harassment of employee by supervisor
SB 0484 - Expands the obligation of the Missouri Property and Casualty Guaranty Assn. for certain claims of insolvent insurers
SB 0485 - Authorizes MU to study gambling in Missouri
SB 0504 - Healthy Families Trust Fund to pay for certain health insurance costs
SB 0505 - Expands meaning of "owner-operator" of a vehicle for hire for purposes of workers' compensation
SB 0579 - Modifies certain provisions of the Second Injury Fund
SB 0580 - Modifies some workers' compensation provisions
SB 0596 - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 0611 - Removes funding to other state agencies from highway revenues and transfers motor vehicle sales tax to road fund
SB 0612 - Allows the Transportation Commission to construct toll roads
SCR 009 - Requests the Governor to opt out of reformulated gas program for St. Louis
SCR 021 - Relating to cellular phone service areas
SCR 025 - Asks Illinois Gen. Assmbly to enact a law requiring parental consent prior to allowing a minor to obtain an abortion
SJR 019 - Amends the Constitution to allow the Commission to develop and operate toll facilities
SJR 020 - Eliminates funding to state agencies from highway revenues and places all motor vehicle sales tax in road fund

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