Journal of the Senate



The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

President Maxwell in the Chair.

Reverend Carl Gauck offered the following prayer:

"When you are disturbed, do not sin; ponder it on your beds, and be silent." (Psalm 4:4)

Gracious God, each day there are those people and events that are most disturbing and sometimes outright aggravating. Help us to understand what is so upsetting to us and how we may better deal with such people and events. Help us to be able to be silent and not vengeful but seek ways to learn from such encounters and serve even those who may upset us. This we ask in Your Holy Name. Amen.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

A quorum being established, the Senate proceeded with its business.

The Journal of the previous day was read and approved.

The following Senators were present during the day's proceedings:

Bentley Bland Carter Caskey
Childers DePasco Foster Gibbons
Goode Gross House Jacob
Johnson Kenney Kinder Klarich
Loudon Mathewson Quick Rohrbach
Schneider Sims Singleton Staples
Steelman Stoll Westfall Wiggins
Absent with leave--Senators
Russell Scott--2
The Lieutenant Governor was present.


Senator Bentley offered Senate Resolution No. 72, regarding the Ninetieth Birthday of Genevieve Willey Morris, Springfield, which was adopted.

Senator Quick offered the following resolution:


WHEREAS, the Administration Committee is required by law to establish the rates of pay each year, and

WHEREAS, such rates of pay are to be the same as those established under the policies of the Personnel Division of the Office of Administration for comparable duties after examination of the rates of pay then in effect, and

WHEREAS, the rates of pay established shall become effective in January.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Committee on Administration that the number, classification and rates of pay authorized for employees of the Senate shall include one department director, two deputy department directors, and seven division level directors to be compensated according to Office of Administration guidelines; and the following authorized employees at rates of pay within the ranges hereby established.

6 Staff Attorney II 3,001 - 4,554
1 Senior Staff Attorney 3,763 - 5,419
1 Research Analyst II 3,001 - 4,554
1 Senior Research Analyst 3,763 - 5,419
1 Investigator 2,773 - 4,181
7 Research Staff Secretary 2,123 - 3,238
5 Budget Research Analyst II 3,001 - 4,554
4 Assistant Secretary of Senate 2,466 - 3,609
5.5 Enrolling & Engrossing Clerk 2,011 - 3,001
1 Billroom Supervisor 2,011 - 2,887
1 Billroom Clerk 1,647 - 2,193
3 Public Information Specialist I 2,011 - 2,887
2 Public Information Specialist II 2,287 - 3,323
1 Photographer 2,139 - 3,366
3 Administrative Assistant 1,500 - 5,723
1 Executive Assistant 1,500 - 5,598
1 Telecommunications Coordinator 2,565 - 3,763
3 Accounting Specialist 2,374 - 3,463
7 Administrative Secretary 1,800 - 3,687
7 Clerical Assistant 1,800 - 3,190
1 Messenger 1,563 - 2,115
1 Data Control Coordinator 2,374 - 3,463
3 Computer Info. Technology Spec. II 3,345 - 5,662
1 Computer Info. Technology Spec. III 3,489 - 5,921
1 Computer Info. Technologist III 2,916 - 4,554
1 Network/Communications Specialist 3,059 - 4,966
4 Computer Operator III 2,287 - 3,323
3 Data Entry Operator III 1,748 - 2,420
1 Redistricting Project Coordinator 2,666 - 3,925
2 Redistricting Project Specialist 2,339 - 3,428
3 Composing Equipment Operator III 1,939 - 3,001
1 Mailroom Supervisor 2,011 - 2,887
1 Mailroom Clerk 1,289 - 1,617
1 Printing Services Technician I 1,511 - 2,005
3 Printing Services Technician II 1,706 - 2,322
3 Printing Services Technician III 1,873 - 2,615
1 Printing Services Technician IV 2,011 - 2,887
1 Maintenance Supervisor 2,123 - 3,001
1 Carpenter II 2,011 - 2,887
4.5 Custodian II 1,395 - 2,322
2 Custodian III 1,748 - 2,420
2 Maintenance Worker 1,748 - 2,420
1 Sergeant at Arms (Elected) 2,287 - 3,323
0.5 Doorkeeper (Elected) 1,451 - 2,172
3 Assistant Doorkeeper 1,371 - 1,766
0.5 Reading Clerk 1,371 - 1,766
0.5 Chaplain 500 - 915
2.5 Security Guard 1,500 - 2,615

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate Administration Committee is authorized to establish a formula setting forth the maximum amount which may be expended by each Senator for the employment of Administrative and Clerical Assistants. Each Senator will be notified of the funds available, and shall thereafter certify to the Senate Administrator the names and addresses of Administrative and Clerical Assistants. The compensation paid to the Senators' administrative and clerical assistants shall be within the limits of the categories set forth hereinabove.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate Administrator, with the approval of the Senate Administration Committee, shall have the authority to cooperate and coordinate with the House Administrator in the selection of employees, who shall be assigned to the garage, Joint Committee Staffs and the rotunda area, and who will be paid from the Joint House and Senate Contingent Fund, within the limits of the categories set out above.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Committee on Administration has the authority to reduce, combine or consolidate positions and salaries where necessary to meet changed conditions or circumstances which arise, and may enter into contracts with consultants, provided such consultant's contract fee does not exceed the salary for the comparable position, and such consultant shall count as an employee of the Senate.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate Administration Committee is authorized to adjust the foregoing pay ranges in July to reflect implementation of the state pay plan for FY 2002.

Senator Childers offered Senate Resolution No. 74, regarding Miss Erma Smotherman Drake, Mountain View, which was adopted.

Senator Klarich offered Senate Resolution No. 75, regarding Chesterfield Elementary School, St. Louis, which was adopted.

Senator Klarich offered Senate Resolution No. 76, regarding Pond Elementary School, St. Louis, which was adopted.

Senator Klarich offered Senate Resolution No. 77, regarding Ridge Meadows Elementary School, St. Louis, which was adopted.

Senator Klarich offered Senate Resolution No. 78, regarding Woerther Elementary School, St. Louis, which was adopted.

Senator Klarich offered Senate Resolution No. 79, regarding Lafayette High School, St. Louis, which was adopted.

Senator Klarich offered Senate Resolution No. 80, regarding Rockwood Valley Middle School, St. Louis, which was adopted.


The following Bills were read the 1st time and 1,000 copies ordered printed:

SB 311-By Mathewson.

An Act to repeal section 311.178, RSMo 2000, relating to liquor licenses, and to enact in lieu thereof one new section relating to the same subject.

SB 312-By Caskey.

An Act to repeal section 644.051, RSMo 2000, and to enact in lieu thereof one new section relating to the appeal of water pollution control permits.

SB 313-By Caskey.

An Act to repeal section 354.400, RSMo 2000, relating to health insurance, and to enact in lieu thereof four new sections relating to the same subject.

SB 314-By Steelman.

An Act to amend chapter 452, RSMo, by adding thereto one new section relating to child custody.

SB 315-By Childers.

An Act to repeal section 270.170, RSMo 2000, relating to restraining animals, and to enact in lieu thereof three new sections relating to the same subject, with penalty provisions.

SB 316-By Stoll.

An Act to amend chapter 169, RSMo, by adding thereto one new section relating to certain school retirement systems.

SB 317-By Stoll.

An Act to repeal sections 700.015, 700.025, 700.045, 700.050, 700.090 and 700.100, RSMo 2000, relating to manufactured housing, and to enact in lieu thereof six new sections relating to the same subject, with penalty provisions.

SB 318-By Sims.

An Act to repeal section 208.151, RSMo 2000, relating to medical assistance for the aged, blind and disabled, and to enact in lieu thereof one new section relating to the same subject.


Senators Stoll and Loudon offered the following concurrent resolution:


WHEREAS, the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence, from which the American Declaration of Independence was modeled, was signed on April 6, 1320; and

WHEREAS, Scottish Americans played a major role in the founding of this Nation, almost half of the signers of our Declaration of Independence and the governors of nine of the original 13 states were of Scottish descent; and

WHEREAS, Scottish Americans helped shape this nation in its formative years, guided it through troubled times, and have made invaluable contributions to America in the fields of science, technology, medicine, government and many other areas; and

WHEREAS, the members of the Missouri General Assembly wish to salute to all Americans of Scottish descent as they celebrate their heritage:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Missouri Senate, Ninety-First General Assembly, First Regular Session, the House of Representatives concurring therein, hereby declare April 6th of each year as Tartan Day in Missouri; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Missouri Senate be instructed to prepare properly inscribed copies of this resolution for St. Andrews Society of St. Louis.


Pursuant to the provisions of Conference Committee Substitute for Senate Committee Substitute for House Substitute for House Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 1742, passed in the second regular session of the 90th General Assembly, the Missouri Department of Transportation has presented to the General Assembly its proposed plan and an analysis thereof.

A copy is on file in the office of the Secretary of Senate.


Senator Mathewson introduced to the Senate, Kyle Fowler, Richmond; and Kyle was made an honorary page.

Senator Gibbons introduced to the Senate, the Physician of the Day, Dr. Joanne E. Mortimer, M.D., Town and Country.

On motion of Senator DePasco, the Senate adjourned under the rules.







SB 101-Childers

SB 102-Childers

SB 103-Bland

SB 104-Bland

SB 105-Bland

SB 106-Steelman, et al

SB 107-Steelman

SB 108-Steelman

SB 109-Gross

SB 110-Gross

SB 111-Gross

SB 112-Loudon

SB 113-Loudon

SB 114-Loudon

SB 115-Wiggins

SB 116-Wiggins

SB 117-Wiggins

SB 118-Goode

SB 119-Goode

SB 120-Goode, et al

SB 121-Singleton

SB 122-Kinder

SB 123-Kinder

SB 124-Kinder

SB 125-Bentley

SB 126-Bentley

SB 127-Childers

SB 128-Childers

SB 129-Childers

SB 130-Bland

SB 131-Bland

SB 132-Bland

SB 133-Steelman

SB 134-Loudon

SB 135-Wiggins

SB 136-Wiggins

SB 137-Wiggins

SB 138-Goode and Wiggins

SB 139-Goode

SB 140-Goode

SB 141-Childers

SB 142-Childers

SB 143-Childers

SB 144-Bland

SB 145-Bland

SB 146-Bland

SB 147-Wiggins and


SB 148-Goode

SB 149-Goode

SB 150-Goode

SB 151-Childers

SB 152-Childers

SB 153-Bland

SB 154-Bland

SB 155-Bland

SB 156-Goode

SB 157-Goode and Bentley

SB 158-Bland

SB 159-Bland

SB 160-Bland

SB 161-Bland

SB 162-Bland

SB 163-Bland

SB 164-Bland

SB 165-Bland

SB 166-Bland

SB 167-Bland

SB 168-Bland

SB 169-Bland

SB 170-Bland

SB 171-Bland

SB 172-Bland

SB 173-Bland

SB 174-Bland

SB 175-Bland

SB 176-Bland

SB 177-Schneider

SB 178-Schneider and


SB 179-Rohrbach

SB 180-Klarich

SB 181-Caskey

SB 182-Loudon

SB 183-Schneider

SB 184-Johnson, et al

SB 185-Loudon

SB 186-Klarich

SB 187-Schneider and


SB 188-Russell

SB 189-Russell

SB 190-Russell

SB 191-Goode

SB 192-Schneider, et al

SB 193-Rohrbach

SB 194-Schneider and


SB 195-Schneider and


SB 196-Scott

SB 197-Johnson

SB 198-Staples

SB 199-Sims

SB 200-Sims

SB 201-Sims

SB 202-Wiggins

SB 203-Scott

SB 204-House

SB 205-Bland

SB 206-Wiggins

SB 207-Klarich

SB 208-Sims

SB 209-DePasco

SB 210-DePasco

SB 211-DePasco

SB 212-Gross, et al

SB 213-Gross, et al

SB 214-Gross, et al

SB 215-Gross

SB 216-Scott

SB 217-Russell

SB 218-Russell

SB 219-Mathewson

SB 220-Kinder and Gross

SB 221-Westfall

SB 222-Caskey

SB 223-Caskey

SB 224-Russell

SB 225-Mathewson

SB 226-Goode, et al

SB 227-Jacob

SB 228-Jacob

SB 229-Jacob

SB 230-Childers

SB 231-Gross

SB 232-Gross

SB 233-Wiggins

SB 234-Wiggins

SB 235-Sims

SB 236-Sims

SB 237-Westfall

SB 238-Staples, et al

SB 239-Stoll

SB 240-Stoll and Bentley

SB 241-Rohrbach

SB 242-Kenney

SB 243-DePasco

SB 244-Staples

SB 245-Caskey

SB 246-Caskey

SB 247-Westfall and


SB 248-Wiggins and


SB 249-Wiggins

SB 250-Bentley and


SB 251-Kinder

SB 252-Singleton

SB 253-Gross

SB 254-Gross and Foster

SB 255-Gross, et al

SB 257-Caskey

SB 258-Rohrbach and


SB 259-Childers, et al

SB 260-Gross and Stoll

SB 261-House

SB 262-Stoll

SB 263-Stoll

SB 264-Steelman

SB 265-Schneider and


SB 266-Bland, et al

SB 267-Klarich and


SB 268-Schneider

SB 269-Schneider

SB 270-Schneider

SB 271-Schneider

SB 272-DePasco

SB 273-Caskey

SB 274-Caskey

SB 275-Sims

SB 276-Sims

SB 277-Sims

SB 278-Westfall

SB 279-Staples

SB 280-Yeckel, et al

SB 281-Yeckel

SB 282-Klarich

SB 283-Steelman

SB 284-Steelman

SB 285-Steelman

SB 287-Klarich

SB 288-Klarich

SB 289-Sims

SB 290-Wiggins and


SB 291-Westfall

SB 292-Singleton

SB 293-Steelman

SB 294-Steelman

SB 295-Stoll and Staples

SB 296-Gross

SB 297-DePasco

SB 298-Quick

SB 299-Quick

SB 300-Rohrbach

SB 301-Johnson

SB 302-Johnson, et al

SB 303-Johnson

SB 304-Klarich

SB 305-Jacob

SB 306-Jacob

SB 307-Jacob

SB 308-Jacob

SB 309-Steelman

SB 310-Quick

SB 311-Mathewson

SB 312-Caskey

SB 313-Caskey

SB 314-Steelman

SB 315-Childers

SB 316-Stoll

SB 317-Stoll

SB 318-Sims

SJR 10-Quick


SR 58-Singleton

SR 73-Quick

HCR 3-Crump (DePasco)

To be Referred

SCR 5-Klarich

SCR 6-Stoll and Loudon