Local Government & Economic Development
Assigned Bills

HB 0084 - (Richardson) Mandates that expenses for training sessions for county recorders in certain counties be reimbursed
HB 0133 - (Gambaro) Modifies several property redevelopment provisions
HB 0185 - (Legan) Authorizes certain counties to impose building codes and modifies other provisions of law pertaining to counties
HB 0202 - (Rizzo) Modifies provisions relating to transportation development districts
HB 0242 - (Smith (011)) Authorizes several cities and counties to impose tourism taxes
HB 0280 - (Hoppe) Enacts various laws regulating emergency services and their funding
HB 0361 - (Shoemyer) Authorizes the Governor to convey the rights to certain water held in Mark Twain Lake
HB 0408 - (Kelley (047)) Authorizes conveyances of graves in public cemeteries back to the county or municipality
HB 0409 - (Surface) Authorizes a conveyance between the Missouri national guard and the city of Joplin
HB 0410 - (Holt) Allows expanded weed removal procedures in the city of St. Peter's
HB 0436 - (Merideth III) Enacts Missouri Airport Protection Act to provide new airport safety regulation
HB 0488 - (Koller) Authorizes a variety of local sales taxes for tourism and economic development purposes
HB 0498 - (Wagner) Changes the petitioning provisions for opting out of the city manager form of government for certain cities
HB 0502 - (Ward) Authorizes a conveyance of certain property in St. Francois County to the American Legion
HB 0596 - (Kennedy) Makes a technical change in statute dealing with planned industrial expansion in St. Louis
HB 0600 - (Hosmer) Authorizes Southwest Missouri State University to convey a certain piece of property
HB 0606 - (Kennedy) Modifies requirements for items that are filed with the recorders of deeds
HB 0617 - (Gambaro) Reallocates unused income tax credits for community improvement
HB 0642 - (Relford) Authorizes a sales tax to fund jail districts; state to pay medical costs of state prisoners in county jails
HB 0742 - (Harding) Authorizes the Governor to sell certain property in Platte County
HB 0779 - (Barnett) Authorizes Northwest Missouri State to lease property to the City of Maryville and the National Guard
HB 0780 - (Scheve) Revises certain economic development programs
HB 0808 - (Gratz) Authorizes the conveyance of property located in Cole County to Jefferson City and the Governor Hotel, LLC
HB 0909 - (Davis) Authorizes exchange of property interests between the Department of Natural Resources and the City of Lexington
HB 0922 - (Gaskill) Authorizes city of Monett to annex municipal airport
HB 0951 - (Gratz) Authorizes a conveyance of property in Cole County
HJR 011 - (Gambaro) Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the City of St. Louis to amend charter to provide for county officers
SB 0002 Schneider - Requires condemnors who abandon proceedings to pay the landowner's costs and expenses
SB 0004 Wiggins - Peace officers information within the Dept. of Revenue is confidential and changes salary for Kansas City police
SB 0007 Scott - Allows notices of hearings on special business districts to be sent by regular mail
SB 0014 Mathewson - Authorizes a sales tax to fund jail districts
SB 0031 DePasco - Extends the commercial zone around Kansas City from 12 to 15 miles
SB 0072 Loudon - Allows electronic storage of business and public records
SB 0079 Goode - Revises criteria used to evaluate redevelopment projects funded by tax increment financing in certain areas
SB 0125 Bentley - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield Community Improvement District
SB 0169 Bland - Expands the scope of instruments to be charged a fee when filing with the county recorder
SB 0171 Bland - Authorizes a two-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 0175 Bland - Requires posting of notice of tax sale to include information concerning debt secured by property being sold
SB 0176 Bland - Revises procedures for payment of delinquent property taxes
SB 0196 Scott - Expands responsibility of the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners
SB 0197 Johnson - Expands grant of immunity for the donation of certain fire equipment
SB 0198 Staples - Authorizes Ripley, Oregon and Shannon counties to impose a law enforcement sales tax of up to one percent
SB 0210 DePasco - Creates a home builders licensure board to license and regulate residential home builders
SB 0230 Childers - Authorizes Taney, Stone, Barry and Ozark counties to impose a sales tax for economic development programs
SB 0231 Gross - Allows local governments to eliminate the local sales tax on food
SB 0243 DePasco - Allows certain cities to punish property violations with increased penalties
SB 0252 Singleton - Authorizes the Missouri National Guard and the City of Joplin to exchange two parcels of property
SB 0256 Caskey - Pertains to water, stormwater and sewer service
SB 0274 Caskey - Modifies provisions relating to employees and contributions to the County Employee's Retirement System
SB 0277 Sims - Modifies distribution of local excursion gambling boat taxes within St. Louis County
SB 0298 Quick - Requires the state to reimburse counties for reasonable medical expenses of state prisoners held in county jail
SB 0301 Johnson - Allows Missouri Western to convey property to the Extension Council of Buchanan County
SB 0311 Mathewson - Allows resorts in certain counties which sell liquor by the drink to apply to remain open until 3:00 a.m.
SB 0323 Childers - Authorizes certain political subdivisions to enact a sales tax, upon voter approval, for specific purposes
SB 0340 Stoll - Establishes the "Missouri Veterans' Business Council" within the Department of Economic Development
SB 0345 House - Relating to property maintenance codes
SB 0347 Caskey - Sets aside a portion of property taxes for GIS systems & re- quires counties to pay PILOTS for county-purchased property
SB 0352 Johnson - Defines terms relating to the capital improvements sales tax in certain municipalities
SB 0365 Steelman - Authorizes certain political subdivisions to impose a sales tax for specific purposes
SB 0378 Singleton - Tax collection in certain counties
SB 0383 Johnson - Authorizes the Governor to sell certain property in Platte County
SB 0394 Bentley - Authorizes Southwest Missouri State University to convey a certain piece of property
SB 0408 Dougherty - Allows partial abatement of real property taxes for certain purposes
SB 0420 Klarich - Creates a Regional Taxicab Commission in St. Louis City and St. Louis County
SB 0430 Dougherty - Allows St. Louis City to levy property tax for musical services
SB 0431 Goode - Authorizes the Governor to convey the rights to certain water held in Mark Twain Lake
SB 0441 Caskey - Allows Warrensburg to receive bids to be the depository of city funds from banks at every regular meeting
SB 0486 Yeckel - Fire district board members in St. Louis County may be recalled for misconduct in office or criminal convictions
SB 0487 Yeckel - Counties will make payments in lieu of taxes for certain real property acquired by the county
SB 0491 Rohrbach - Modifies election process for nursing home district directors
SB 0503 DePasco - Allows cities and 1st class counties to establish an automatic traffic light signal violation monitoring system
SB 0515 Yeckel - Modifies requirements for items that are filed with the Recorder of Deeds
SB 0534 Childers - Allows ambulance and fire protection districts to impose sales tax and subsequent property tax rate decrease
SB 0544 Johnson - Authorizes the Missouri Veterans' Commission to grant an easement to Spectra Communications
SB 0545 Johnson - Authorizes a museum and festivals sales tax in Buchanan County
SB 0547 Wiggins - Relating to the election of board members of certain school districts
SB 0553 Klindt - Authorizes Northwest Missouri State to lease property to the City of Maryville and the National Guard
SB 0561 Quick - Authorizes Clay County Commissioners to reduce their salaries if they employ a public administrator
SB 0568 Mathewson - Authorizes certain property exchanges
SB 0571 Dougherty - Requires distribution of marriage license fees to the Department of Public Safety for domestic violence shelters
SB 0573 Dougherty - Compensation and employment benefits for St. Louis City Police
SB 0582 Yeckel - Allows counties to give discounts for pre-payment of property taxes
SB 0589 Russell - Allows Economic Development to authorize an enterprise zone in Wright County
SB 0590 Russell - Licensing of certain construction personnel
SB 0591 Kenney - Modifies provisions relating to water and sewer services and livestock packers
SB 0599 Singleton - Modifies regulation of horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering
SB 0601 House - Allows certain counties to collect sales tax for childrens services
SB 0610 Westfall - Modifies law relating to county collectors and the county commission of Clay County
SB 0617 Steelman - Modifies current tax incentives for community economic development
SB 0619 Mathewson - Changes provisions for emergency care service providers; state easement to City of Sedalia
SB 0624 Wiggins - Changes the membership of members of the Little Blue District (Jackson Co.) and lowers vote for bond passage
SB 0625 Stoll - Allows consolidation of sewer districts
SB 0626 Bentley - Allows three satellite economic development zones in Springfield
SJR 009 Goode - Changes procedures for amending the St. Louis City Charter

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