Commerce and Environment
Assigned Bills

HB 0288 - (Campbell) Authorizes certain design and build contracts when the contractor is not licensed in Missouri
HB 0327 - (Rizzo) Extends the life of the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund and changes board duties
HB 0381 - (Hoppe) Creates felony for sale or distribution of gray market ciga- rettes & enforcement provisions to prohibit sales to minors
HB 0425 - (O'Toole) Revises the operation and participation of the one call notification center for excavators
HB 0453 - (Ransdall) Modifies various provisions relating to commerce
HB 0575 - (O'Connor) Revises motor vehicle franchise practices law and creates recreational vehicle franchise law
HB 0788 - (O'Connor) Repeals certain provisions relating to motorcycle franchise practices
SB 0012 Russell - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0015 Mathewson - Revises membership of Clean Water Commission
SB 0020 Goode - Creates the Non-native Species Council
SB 0058 Stoll - Establishes a Bird Appreciation Day
SB 0080 Goode - Revises various utility taxes
SB 0149 Goode - Revises motor vehicle emissions inspections for certain areas
SB 0150 Goode - Increases penalties imposed by Public Service Commission for safety related violations of Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
SB 0156 Goode - Modifies alcohol licensing and reporting procedures through the Department of Public Safety
SB 0157 Goode - Revises the sunset on disclosure of certain municipal utility records
SB 0190 Russell - Revises documentation required for telecommunications companies to charge for Internet service
SB 0202 Wiggins - Enacts the Uniform Athlete Agents Act
SB 0206 Wiggins - Changes statutes dealing with on-site sewage treatment systems
SB 0220 Kinder - Adopts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
SB 0229 Jacob - Authorizes certain design and build contracts when the contractor is not licensed in Missouri
SB 0293 Steelman - Creates Advisory Committee for Electronic Commerce
SB 0297 DePasco - Allows self-service storage facilities to collect late fees
SB 0300 Rohrbach - Certain DNR rules shall be no stricter than federal regulations with exceptions
SB 0310 Quick - Revises expiration of Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund and changes certain board functions
SB 0312 Caskey - Allows appeal of water pollution permit decisions by affected third parties
SB 0331 DePasco - Revises the operation and participation of the one call notification center for excavators
SB 0335 Kinder - Establishes audit privileges for voluntary internal environmental audits
SB 0355 Steelman - Extends unlawful merchandising practices law to those regulated by Dept. of Insurance and Div. of Credit Unions
SB 0369 Steelman - Allows political subdivisions to require permits for public utility right-of-way use
SB 0374 Steelman - Establishes a program of air pollution emissions banking and trading
SB 0375 Steelman - Revises the Sunshine Law
SB 0387 Goode - Allows electric utilities to recover certain costs impacted by fuel or purchased power price increases
SB 0400 Kenney - Revises motor vehicle franchise practices
SB 0415 House - Revises land reclamation permits and procedures for certain substances, not including coal
SB 0422 Steelman - Extends the fee collection period for the State Emergency Management Agency
SB 0432 Stoll - Enacts Missouri Retail Customer and Worker Protection Act
SB 0451 Goode - Allows spending of the Energy Set-aside Program Fund for ad- ministration of DNR's energy responsibilities and activities
SB 0455 Kinder - Revises laws relating to electric utilities
SB 0482 Foster - Allows retainage in private building contracts
SB 0499 Mathewson - Establishes retail electric customer choice
SB 0501 Goode - Allows transfer of electric generating plant to wholesale affiliate and allows limited retail electric choice
SB 0529 Dougherty - Creates the Consumer Clean Energy Act to promote energy efficiency
SB 0531 Gross - Changes tax credits for CAPCO investments
SB 0548 House - Revises the regulation of unsolicited telephone sales calls
SB 0555 House - Prohibits non-compete clauses in employment contracts within the broadcast industry
SJR 002 Goode - Exempts fees collected by Natural Resources Department from definition of revenues used to calculate total state revenue

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