Aging, Families & Mental Health
Assigned Bills

HB 0314 - (Treadway) Provides for the licensure of baccalaureate social workers
HB 0328 - (Harlan) Makes several modifications to the managed care and insurance statutes
HB 0452 - (Gratz) Allows retired state employees access to goods and services provided by the Vocational Enterprises Program
HB 0454 - (Monaco) Allows a guardian and conservator who is the spouse of ward to remain guardian or conservator after divorce
HB 0537 - (Ostmann) Amends various statutes relating to marriage by adding gender neutral language
HB 0603 - (Hilgemann) Promotes Alzheimer's awareness and creates the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB 0612 - (Baker) Provides additional protections and services for persons with disabilities
HB 0762 - (Barry) Requires insurance companies and Medicaid to provide additional health services to women
HB 0881 - (Scott) Modifies election process for nursing home district directors
HB 0949 - (Barry) Clarifies whistleblower protection for health care employees
SB 0044 Bentley - Promotes adoption awareness and expedites the adoption of foster children
SB 0048 Sims - Modifies the Family Care Safety Registry and other provisions of the law relating to children
SB 0059 Steelman - Creates the "Adoption Awareness Law" to promote adoption as an alternative to abortion
SB 0060 Steelman - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the provision of in-home services to the elderly
SB 0135 Wiggins - Revises the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement law
SB 0168 Bland - Allows a waiver of bidding procedures for mental health services in certain situations
SB 0180 Klarich - State policy is to recognize marriage only between a male and a female
SB 0184 Johnson - Expands ability of boards to fund sheltered workshops and other services for persons with developmental disabilities
SB 0225 Mathewson - Creates the Department of Health and Senior Services and transfers the duties of Division of Aging to new department
SB 0236 Sims - Modifies provisions relating to children and families
SB 0296 Gross - Modifies provisions relating to children and families
SB 0348 Sims - Modifies procedures for the adoption of foster childern
SB 0357 Schneider - Modifies licensing provisions for psychologists and professional counselors
SB 0410 Dougherty - Increases the foster care reimbursement and adoption subsidy rates over a three-year period
SB 0449 Sims - Promotes Alzheimer's Awareness through public recognition and increased training
SB 0465 Dougherty - Prohibits the refusal of residential treatment services to persons with mental disorders or addiction
SB 0473 Dougherty - Makes various changes regarding children's services
SB 0528 Dougherty - Does not require the court to make reasonable efforts if a child is abused by a person other than a parent
SB 0539 Yeckel - Limits child custody relocation notice requirement to a move of sixty miles or more
SB 0551 Sims - Modifies provisions relating to children and families

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