SB 0624 Changes the membership of members of the Little Blue District (Jackson Co.) and lowers vote for bond passage
LR Number:2202L.01I Fiscal Note:2202-01
Committee:Local Government and Economic Development
Last Action:03/08/01 - Second Read and Referred S Local Government & Journal page:S449
Economic Development Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SB 624 - This act allows Jackson County to increase the membership of the common sewer district board of trustees from seven to eight and alters the membership of the board (Section 204.300).

BOARD MAKEUP - Current law requires one member to be the county executive. Two members shall be mayors from a city which is not one of the four largest users or the district. Current law requires three members of the advisory board of the district to serve on the board of trustees. Four members will be the mayors of the four cities constituting the largest users by flow during the previous fiscal year. Current law does not have these members. One member of the county legislature. Current law requires three members of the county legislature to serve on the board.

This act clarifies that the membership of the board of trustees will increase to nine if the district extends into any county bordering the county in which the greater portion of the district lies and the presiding commissioner or county executive of the adjoining county will be an additional member. Current law already allows the presiding commissioner or county executive of the adjoining county to be an additional member of the board.

BOND APPROVAL - This act changes the approval required for issuing bonds by all common sewer district from four-sevenths to a majority of the voters of the sewer district who vote on the question.

This act provides another option that allows the common sewer district to issue bonds if approved by the written assent of three-quarters of the customers of the sewer district. (Section 204.370)

This act is identical to SB 591 (2001).