SB 0526 Replaces the inspection section with the Division of Labor Standards
LR Number:2054S.02C Fiscal Note:2054-02
Committee:Labor and Industrial Relations
Last Action:05/18/01 - S Consent Calendar w/SCS (3/12) Journal page:
Title:SCS SB 526
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 526 - This act makes numerous technical changes and deletes obsolete provisions in sections related to the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. In its main provisions, the act:

(1) Deletes all references to the inspection section, which was eliminated in 1995, and adds references to the Division of Labor Standards;

(2) Revises language in Section 291.065 pertaining to approval of adopted or revised rules and regulations as contained in this section;

(3) Revises Section 291.130 which requires owners, managers, or other persons to pay the Director of Revenue a fee for each inspection made in accordance with Chapter 292;

(4) Deletes Sections 292.010, 292.030 through 292.060, 292.080 through 292.120, 292.140 through 292.170,and 292.190, pertaining to the health and safety of employees. Language contained in Section 292.070, pertaining to the opening of main doors, is revised;

(5) Clarifies that all fines collected for violations of Sections 292.020 to 292.250, pertaining to the health and safety of employees, are paid into the county school fund as contained in Section 166.131;

(6) Deletes Sections 292.260 and 292.270, pertaining to the health and safety of foundry employees, and requires the Director to enforce the provisions of Chapter 292;

(7) Deletes Sections 292.360 through 292.400, and Section 292.420, pertaining to the prevention of occupational diseases, and requires the director and delegates of the director to enforce the remaining provisions;

(8) Deletes Sections 292.450 through 292.510, pertaining to the safety of construction workers, and requires chief executives of political subdivisions and the director to enforce the remaining provisions.

This act is similar to HB 661 (2001).