SB 0448 Extends Medicaid or insurance coverage for breast, cervical and prostate cancer
LR Number:1835S.02C Fiscal Note:1835-02
Committee:Public Health and Welfare
Last Action:05/02/01 - Referred H Children, Families & Health Committee Journal page:H1547
Title:SCS SBs 448 & 588
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SCS/SBs 448 & 588 - This act extends Medicaid or insurance coverage for breast, cervical, and prostate cancer.

A new Section 192.972 requires the Department of Health to designate "Missouri Centers of Excellence in Women's Health" at academic medical institutions in the state. Centers will be selected on a competitive basis and must meet specific purposes and goals. The Department may award funds to the Centers, as appropriated. This portion of the act is identical to HB 285 (2001).

This act provides for Medicaid coverage for certain breast and cervical cancer patients. A new subdivision 27 is added to Section 208.151, RSMo, to provide that persons who have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer will be eligible for Medicaid coverage if other eligibility requirements are met. To be eligible, the person must:

- Be under 65; - Have been screened for breast or cervical cancer under the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program; - Need treatment for breast or cervical cancer; and - Be uninsured

During the eligibility determination, the person may be eligible during a period of presumptive eligibility. If all eligibility requirements are met, then the person will receive Medicaid coverage. This provision is identical to SB 448 (2001). A similar provision is contained in TAT/CCS/SS/SCS/HS/HCS/HB 762 (2001).

Current law requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for mastectomies, prosthetic devices, or reconstructive surgery. New language adds that no time limit shall be imposed on an individual for the receipt of a prosthetic or reconstructive surgery and it provides that if an individual changes his or her insurance, then coverage for such procedures must transfer to the new policy. (Section 376.1209). This provision is identical to SB 349 (2001) and is substantially similar to provisions in TAT/CCS/SS/SCS/HS/HCS/HB 762 (2001).

This act also requires additional insurance coverage for prostate cancer screenings. Currently, Section 376.1250, RSMo, requires coverage of prostate cancer screenings. New language requires coverage to include prostascint imaging (prostate antibody imaging). This test would be used for a nonsymptomatic man who has had an earlier diagnosis or reoccurence or would be used as a guide for appropriate therapy for patients with a rising prostate specific antigen. This act is substantially similar to SB 588 (2001).