SB 0353 Revises "recalculated levy" used to determine state aid for certain school districts
LR Number:1377S.01T Fiscal Note:1377-01
Last Action:06/26/01 - Signed by Acting Governor Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SB 353 - This act revises the "recalculated levy" used in determining state aid for some school districts. The "recalculated levy" is the mechanism used to protect a district from a loss of state aid when the district is required to roll its levy back upon reassessment pursuant to Article X, Section 22 of the Missouri Constitution.

RECALCULATED TAX RATE AND VOLUNTARY ROLLBACK - Currently, a district is not allowed a recalculated levy if the district enacts a voluntary rollback or increases the amount of a voluntary rollback from the previous year's amount. The act revises this restriction to provide that a district is not allowed a recalculated levy if it decreases its tax rate from the previous year due to an increase in a voluntary rollback.

For example, a recalculated levy would not be permitted under current law for a district which approves a waiver of Proposition C rollback and decides not to use all or a portion of the waiver in a following year while maintaining its actual levy at or above the previous year's value. This act would allow a district to adopt such a practice and maintain a recalculated levy.

RECALCULATED TAX RATE AFTER TAX INCREASE - Under current law, the recalculated levy lasts until five years following such time as the district votes to raise its levy back up to or in excess of the recalculated levy. This act revises the "recalculated levy" provision by removing the five-year sunset in the case where the district votes to raise its levy up to or above the recalculated levy.

This portion of the act is also contained in HB 334 from 2001.