SB 0345 Relating to property maintenance codes
LR Number:1444L.03T Fiscal Note:1444-03
Committee:Local Government and Economic Development
Last Action:07/10/01 - Signed by Governor Journal page:
Title:HCS SB 345
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/SB 345 - This act changes current law to address certain property issues.

WEED REMOVAL - This act allows the City of St. Peters to order weeds or trash to be removed after notice has been sent or posted on the property. Currently only Kansas City, the City of St. Louis and any city, town or village located in St. Louis County may remove weeds or trash in this manner. If the weeds or trash are not removed within five days, the marshal or other designated city official may have the weeds or trash removed and bill the owner or owners of the property or the agents of the owner or owners. (Section 71.285)

This portion of the act is identical to TAT HB 410 (2001).

WEED ERADICATION - This act requires persons, corporations, state commissions, state agencies, county commissions, township boards, school boards, drainage boards, railroad companies, governing bodies of incorporated cities, other transportation companies, and persons supervising state-owned lands to control the spread of and eradicate by methods approved by the Department of Agriculture cut-leaved teasel (Dipsacus laciniatus) and common teasel (Dipsacus fullonum).

The act also requires them to control the spread of kudzu vine (Pueraria lobata) by methods recommended by the Department of Conservation in conjunction with the University of Missouri Extension Service. All of these are designated as noxious and dangerous weeds to agriculture. (Section 263.232)

This portion of the act is contained in TAT HB 473 (2001).

PUBLIC NUISANCE - This act also allows Kansas City to enact ordinances to protect property from nuisance and maintenance code violations. Such violations are punishable by a fine not greater than $1000.00 or imprisonment not to exceed 12 months, or both. (Section 82.300)

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES - Expands property that must be filed with the Kansas City clerk by Limited Liability Companies to include unoccupied real property. (Section 347.048)

This portion of the act is contained in TAT HS/HCS/SB 288 (2001).