SB 0325 Requires foresters to be registered with the Missouri Board of Registered Foresters
LR Number:0679S.05I Fiscal Note:0679-05
Committee:Agriculture, Conservation, Parks & Tourism
Last Action:03/01/01 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Agriculture, Conservation, Journal page:
Parks & Tourism Committee (0679S.06C)
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 325 - This act would require the registration of foresters. The State Board of Registration of Foresters is created. The Board will consist of seven members including the State Forester, the Chair of the Forestry Department of the University of Missouri-Columbia, four registered foresters, and one private forest landowner. The four registered foresters and private forest landowner are appointed by the Governor for staggering terms of five years. The Board of Registered Foresters Fund is created for the deposit of funds received pursuant to this act. All persons practicing forestry are required to register. Certain activities are excluded from the requirement to register including allowing employees of the local, state, and federal government to conduct forestry education programs for distribute free forestry-related publications.

Registered foresters must: hold a degree in forestry; pass a written examination (beginning in 2004) and have three years experience. The Board is authorized to promulgate rules regarding application for registration, examinations, registration fees, renewals, and continuing education requirements. This act would make it illegal for persons to practice or offer to practice forestry without being registered. This violation as well as violations of any of the provisions of this act will be a Class A misdemeanor.