SB 0265 Revises certain procedures for Administrative Hearing Commission
LR Number:0980S.01I Fiscal Note:0980-01
Last Action:03/06/01 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Judiciary Committee-Consent Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 265 - This act clarifies that any car salesman or franchisor is subject to the jurisdiction of administrative agencies. Motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle distributors may file a protest with the Administration Hearing Commission (AHC); the AHC may establish a filing fee equal to that of the Circuit Court of Cole County.

The act requires the Department of Social Services to issue a notice of appeal rights with all decisions that are appealable to the Administrative Hearing Commission. Upon receipt of a timely application for hearing, the AHC shall set a date for hearing. Current law allows the AHC ten days after receipt of the application. The act deletes the requirement that the AHC issue a final decision within 60 days after the hearing. The act also repeals procedural requirements to determine the constitutionality of administrative rules in cases before the AHC.

The act is similar to SB 914 (2000), as well as provisions of SB 1 and SCS/HB 693 (2001).