SB 0048 Modifies the Family Care Safety Registry and other provisions of the law relating to children
LR Number:0178L.09T Fiscal Note:0178-09
Committee:Aging, Families and Mental Health
Last Action:07/06/01 - Signed by Governor Journal page:
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

CCS/HS/HCS/SS/SCS/SB 48 - This act modifies the Family Care Safety Registry and other provisions relating to children.

Currently, the Department of Social Services is required to fund certain child assessment centers within the state. This act adds a child assessment center in southeast Missouri. (Section 210.001).

The Family Care Safety Registry currently provides information on child care and elder care workers. This act requires the Registry to provide information on personal care workers as well and providers from the following sources:

1) Missouri State Highway Patrol's criminal record check system; 2) The Division of Family Services' abuse and neglect records; 3) Financial exploitation of the elderly or disabled (as of January 1, 2003); 4) The Division of Aging's employee disqualification list; 5) The Department of Mental Health's employee disqualification registry (as of January 1, 2003); 6) Foster parent licensure denials, involuntary revocations, and involuntary suspensions; 7) Child care facility licensure denials, revocations, and suspensions; and 8) Residential living facility licensure denials, revocations, and suspensions.

Section 210.909, RSMo, is modified to allow the Registry to provide information on felony or misdemeanor charges pursuant to the listed chapters. Section 210.921, RSMo, is modified to allow the release of specific information on a Registry applicant to child care, elder care, or personal care providers licensed by the state. The Department may use the Registry for any purpose necessary to carry out its statutory duties. The Department of Mental Health may also maintain a disqualification registry. (Sections 210.900 - 210.936 and 630.170).

Currently, the Division of Family Services is authorized to grant subsidies to foster children. The consideration of racial and ethnic background when determining subsidy amounts is removed. Also removed is the provision allowing the subsidy to continue when a family moves to another state. (Section 453.073).

The Child Abuse, Custody, and Neglect Commission is created within the Governor's office to evaluate laws relating to children. It will consist of twelve members and its first report is due on February 1, 2002. This portion of the act is identical to SCR 5. (Section 1).

The Commissioner of Administration may make rules allowing the Department of Mental Health to take certain actions on contracts with vendors or to waive bidding procedures for client services. This portion of the act is substantially similar to SB 168. (Section 630.405).