SB 0027 Relating to exposure of humans to rabies or zoonotic disease and requiring owners to register primate animals
LR Number:0487S.09P Fiscal Note:0487-09
Committee:Public Health and Welfare
Last Action:05/09/01 - Hearing Cancelled H Critical Issues, Consumer Journal page:
Protection & Housing Committee
Title:SS SCS SB 27
Effective Date:August 28, 2001
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SCS/SB 27 - This act revises certain provisions relating to animals.

RABIES - This act provides for the Department of Health to investigate and issue orders in instances where an animal has bitten or otherwise exposed a person to the possibility of contracting rabies or any zoonotic disease when counties have not adopted rules pursuant to Sections 322.090 to 322.130. The Department of Health shall investigate the incident and issue orders to prevent and control rabies or zoonotic disease. The Department of Health shall have discretion to order the animal quarantined, isolated, impounded, immunized or disposed of. The Department of Health is granted rulemaking authority concerning the classification of a disease as a zoonotic disease and the payment of costs associated with the investigation. It shall be a Class A misdemeanor for the owner of an animal to knowingly fail or refuse to comply with the orders of the Department of Health or to attempt to transfer or dispose of the animal.

The owner of the animal will be responsible for the costs associated with the incident. The owner of the animal shall be liable to the injured person for all damages.

REGISTRATION OF ANIMALS - Certain animal owners are prohibited from keeping certain animals domestically without registering with local law enforcement. This act adds bears, non-human primates, and deadly or dangerous reptiles over eight feet long to the list. Failure to register the animal is a Class C misdemeanor.

ANIMAL CARE FACILITIES ACT(ACFA)- This act also makes numerous changes to the Animal Care Facilities Act.

Licensure Requirements and Fees - Animal distributor premises, auctions, and intermediate handlers are added to the list of facilities required to be licensed. The fees for licensure are changed to $100 per year plus a $1 per capita fee with the total combined fee not to exceed $1,000. Fees for new facilities will be determined based on the capacity of the facility 6 months after the license is issued and will be due at that time. Pounds and animal shelters will not be subject to these fees. (Section 273.327)

Disciplinary Proceedings Involving a License - The licensing authority may refuse to issue or renew or may revoke a license on certain grounds. Operation without a valid license shall be a Class A misdemeanor. (Section 273.329)

Advisory Committee - Appointments to the advisory committee are made by the governor with advice and consent of the senate. The members will serve 3 year terms with a maximum of two consecutive complete terms. The committee will meet quarterly. The committee shall consist of twelve members. The Animal Care Reserve Fund may accept gifts, grants, etc. Moneys in the fund shall be invested and income retained in the fund. (Sections 273.352 - 273.357)