SB 0525 Requires sellers of fuel blended with at least 1% oxygenate by weight to notify buyers at the pump
02/21/01S First Read S308
02/26/01Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee S333
03/06/01Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
03/07/01SCS Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee
03/29/01Reported From S Transportation Com. to Floor w/SCS S592
04/24/01SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Cauthorn) (2050S.05F) S854
04/24/01Perfected S854
04/25/01Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S897
04/26/01Referred S Budget Control Committee S906
05/01/01Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
05/01/01Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
05/01/01Reported From S Budget Control Committee to Floor S959
05/01/01S Third Read and Passed S959
05/01/01H First Read H1475
05/02/01H Second Read H1484
05/02/01Referred H Miscellaneous Bills & Resolutions Com. H1547
05/09/01Hearing Conducted H Miscellaneous Bills &
Resolutions Committee
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