SB 0372 Allows abatement and prospective application of taxes in certain situations
01/29/01S First Read S154
02/05/01Second Read and Referred S Ways & Means Committee S197
02/13/01Hearing Conducted S Ways & Means Committee
02/20/01SCS Voted Do Pass S Ways & Means Comm. (1440S.03C)
02/22/01Reported From S Ways & Means Committee to Floor w/SCS S321
03/14/01Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S497
04/04/01SS for SCS S offered (Gibbons) (1440S.04F) S647
04/04/01SA 1 to SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Jacob) S647-648
04/04/01SA 2 to SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Caskey) S648
04/04/01SA 3 to SS for SCS S offered & Ruled out of S648-653
order (Westfall)
04/04/01SS for SCS, as amended, S adopted S653
04/04/01Perfected S653
04/05/01Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S666
04/10/01S Third Read and Passed S706
04/10/01H First Read H1075
04/11/01H Second Read H1082
04/25/01Referred H Ways & Means Committee H1386
05/01/01Hearing Conducted H Ways & Means Committee
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